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10 Tips For The Perfect Temple University Tailgate

10 Tips For The Perfect Temple University Tailgate

Football season is right around the corner Owls! Already, I see people posting on social media how excited they are to head to the games and cheer on our team. Last season the Owls made some history when we defeated Penn State and continued on to bring home wins. This year, Temple caught the attention of incoming freshman by shattering their record of applications.


The university has really stepped it up by bringing in students and making them eager to return. With a new class coming in, tickets are sure to be gone the second a game is announced! Thankfully, students have the option of tailgating, which is a huge experience that each Temple student should have. It’s not difficult to tailgate but listed below are a few tips to those who have never tailgated before.


1. Get all decked out in your school colors.

You want to make sure you’re representing your team!! Go crazy and decorate yourself in cherry and white.

2. Go with a crowd.

It’s more fun to head there with a group of people.



3. Figure out the type of food and alcohol.

This is very important because tailgates are usually an all-day type of thing. Be prepared by asking people who is bringing what.

4. Find a good place to park.

Location is key. You want to make sure you’re in an area full of people but also where you won’t have difficulty leaving.

5. Turn your car into a table.

This is easier to do if you have a truck but if you don’t have a truck then just bring a long table to place your food, alcohol and music on.


6. Get there early.

No matter what time you head out, the parking lot will be packed but the earlier you get there, the less traffic.


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7. Mingle with other people.

Tailgating is all about going up to other groups and socializing.

8. Cheer on your team.

While tailgates have their own party going on, don’t forget to update yourself on how our Owls are doing and give them some support.


9. Be responsible.

It’s easy to lose control at a tailgate because it seems you can get away with more. Be cautious, respect others, control your drinking, and clean up when you leave.

10. Hang out in the lot if you can’t get tickets!

If you couldn’t get tickets to the game, don’t miss out by not going at all. Hang out in the lots for each game you couldn’t get tickets to.


What are your tips for the perfect tailgate at Temple? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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