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10 Tips For The Perfect ASU Tailgate

Everyone loves a good tailgate! It’s best to be as prepared as possible so you can make sure your ASU tailgate is the best it can be! Keep reading for 10 tips to help you perfect the best ASU tailgate!

1. Dress in ASU spirit!

Wear a Sun Devil shirt, face paint, and other fun accessories to show your pride as you tailgate outside!

2. Use frozen water bottle instead of ice in your coolers!

Instead of using ice in the cooler that will melt and make everything wet, freeze a bunch of water bottles the night before and use those to keep the beer and food cold and then have cold water to drink at the game! You can also freeze water balloons for a fun and colorful cooler and then a quick water balloon fight when they cool down before the game!

3. Always pack jumper cables!

You might need them or you might have to help someone else out! And if you are new to jumping cars… this is how you jump start a dead car.

4. Attend Devils on Mill and Devils on College

Attend Devils on Mill and Devils on College to get some cool gear to sport while tailgating! Free necklaces, temporary tattoos, and more! Here is a link to check out when the next one is!

5. Attach something to your tailgate vehicle so you can find your car and friends can find you!

Attach a large blow-up balloon, a flag, a string of beach balls, or an inflatable animal to your truck or tent to draw your friends attention and help them find you!


6. Bring an empty storage bin.

Make clean up a breeze by bringing an empty storage tub to put all the dirty utensils and dishes in for easy storage! Keep it in the car while you cheer on the Sun devils, there will be less stink on the drive home!

7. Pack a spare folding table.

Make a football field beer pong table, a flip cup area, or a festive corn hole game to have some fun and get ready for the game!

8. Park your truck between college ave and mill for the prime spot!

There are so many tailgates going on between the college festivities and the die-hard fans, it is sure to be a fun spot!


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9. Always pack extra grilling/cooking utensils!

Always pack extra utensils, accidents happen and dirty tongs are the last thing you want to worry about!

10. Bring a Bluetooth speaker.

Just make sure that if your phone is the one connected to the music that you don’t roam too far! Have your friends send you their favorite playlists before the tailgate!

If you want to tailgate with Alumni don’t forget to grab your tickets here! Alumni are the most spirited people at the game…besides the Inferno of course!!! GO DEVILS!!

Hope you enjoyed the article my sun devils! Happy first official week of school!


What are some other tips for the perfect ASU Tailgate? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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Karina Cardenas

is currently a sophomore at Arizona State and is the Editor-in-Chief for the ASU SOCIETY 19 Chapter. When she’s not busy editing and writing blog posts, she’s watching reality television and eating frozen yogurt.

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