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10 Tips On How To Party During The Week And Still Be Productive

10 Tips On How To Party During The Week And Still Be Productive

10 Tips On How To Party During The Week And Still Be Productive

College has started and many freshmen find themselves trying to be productive and balance social life with academics. I have been in that position before and it certainly takes time and inner strength. Your college career will be defined by your grades and achievements, however we know that there is more to it. It’s about the connections you make and the experiences plus memories created. Don’t worry, there is a way to balance it all! Keep reading for 10 tips on how to party during the week and still be productive!

1. Recognize how much sleep you actually need.

In order to be productive you need to have at least some amount of sleep in your system, in order to have fun you need to loose a big amount of sleep. Is there a way to have the best of both worlds? Yes! Sleep patterns are different for everyone, once you recognize the amount of hours you need to function properly, then you will be able to have fun and stay productive the next day.

You need sleep to be productive!

2. Create a reward system for yourself.

Make a system that works for you. A very good strategy is to gather all your friends and have an agreement to go out once everyone is done. It will be more rewarding having no worries for any projects due plus you get to party with all your friends.



3. Be smart about how much you drink.

I get it, it’s tequila Tuesday and you want to have fun! However, you do have that 9:20 am class the next day. Be wise on the amount you drink and what you are drinking. Some drinks have lesser effects on your body which enables you to be alert and not hungover the next day.

10 Tips On How To Party During The Week And Still Be Productive

4. Work on long term assignments a little bit each day, so you do not have to sacrifice an entire night out.

If you know you have a project that week, don’t limit yourself to not going out. Be smart about it and do a little bit everyday. By chunking your work little by little you get to finish it on time and without the hassle or missing on the fun.

5. Choose the friends that you go out with wisely.

We love our friends, and most of the time they can also be our worst influence. If you have that one friends who always gets back a 5am do not go out with him/her. With your education it is important to be selfish in the sense to look out for your best interest. Choose wisely!

10 Tips On How To Party During The Week And Still Be Productive

6. Know your syllabus like the back of your hand!

There are never surprise exams or projects, it is all told to you on the first day of class! Plan ahead, if you see that there is a party on a weekend and you have an exam on Monday, just make sure to study beforehand. This way you get to practice time management and also have a social life.

7. Learn how to take naps.

Sometimes we want to do everything at once, this makes us loose sleep. Now that you have recognized the amount of hours that you need you can also add naps during the day. Either after lunch, during a 45 min break, or before the party. Naps are a great way to take a moment and relax your body and mind.


8. Establish your goals from the start.

It is important to socialize and make new friends during college; it is also important to go to class and get good grades. These are all things that you need to keep in mind when figuring out how to stay productive while partying. Determine which type of student you’d like to be and keep that in mind. Its very easy to fall back into the partying and loose your way.

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9. Visualize your goals as well!

It’s easy to talk about how to be productive but it gets complicated on how to achieve it. Write on a planner, make a bulletin board with reminders, whatever Pinterest ideas that can help with time management is ideal! By applying all this into a visual platform then it gets easier to organize yourself.


10. Have fun!

It takes a while to find a balance but enjoy the process!


What are some other tips for partying during the week while maintaining the ability to be productive? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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