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10 Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Christmas Party

10 Tips on How to Throw the Perfect Christmas Party

'Tis the season! Check out these 10 tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas party this year to get your holiday started off right.

The holiday season calls for one thing and one thing only: holiday parties. They are a reason to get all cute, wear a bomb pair of heels, take memorable photos with your squad/co-workers/teammates and spend some quality time with everyone in your life. Though taking on the responsibility of hosting a Christmas party can appear quite daunting, it’s pretty endearing at the same time. Such a large undertaking, how can one reach the high expectation set by TV sitcoms and movies of the perfect Christmas party? Then again, who can resist a reason to decorate their house and bake a ton of cookies?Definitely not me. So to calm your nerves and set your Christmas creativity in gear, here are 10 tips on how to throw the perfect Christmas Party.

1. Require ugly sweaters as a ticket in the door (or at least festive attire).

You could have people dress up, or come in red and green – just set a dress code. This will amp up the festive vibes for your Christmas party and help your guests figure out what to expect.

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2. Invite a good mix of people.

Unless this is a family gathering, there is not an expected guest list so the avoid tension and awkward silence and invite people who will get along well. The more comfortable everyone is with each other, the more fun it will be, so I suggest inviting those who already know each other and keeping the introductions to a minimum.

3. Decorate with taste.

While you want the setting to be filled with the Christmas spirit, it is better not to overwhelm your guests, so try not to go overboard with holiday decorations. Make sure to have the basics: a Christmas tree, mistletoe and tinsel. Maybe throw in a few snowmen decorations and put a unique twist on a typical party item. For example add a touch of Christmas to the typical red solo cups.

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4. Create a Christmas playlist on Spotify.

While you wouldn’t want Rudolph and his friends to distract your guests from their conversations, nothing sets the mood better than some good ol’ Christmas jams.

5. FOOD.

Have lots of food. Now is the time to whip out those recipes you’ve spent the entire year pinning and add a festive flare to them.

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6. And don’t forget the festive drinks.

Have a pot filled with hot chocolate, some eggnog in the fridge and some hot apple cider on the stove. It will fill the room with the scents of Christmas and greatly add to the occasion.

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7. Have a karaoke station of popular Christmas songs.

There is nothing funnier (or more painful) than listening to your tone deaf friends attempt to reach Mariah Carey’s high note in ‘All I Want for Christmas is You.’ So break the ice between your guests and crank up the tunes.

8. Set up a holiday photo booth.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. As Pinterest has taught us, throw a red sheet on the wall, grab some Christmas themed props from the dollar store, like santa hats and reindeer antlers, and you’re ready to go. Now you have proof of all of the fun you’ve had… after all, if you don’t post a photo on Insta of the party you had, did you even have it?


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9. Play a game of White Elephant.

While small talk can be fun, there is only so much to be said about the weather before the conversation runs dry, so to add to the life of the party and encourage interaction between everyone, play a game of White Elephant or at least have some type of activity planned. Though try not to make it too cheesey (one can only take so many name games). Visit this website for instructions on how to play White Elephant.

10. Keep it simple.

It’s easy to get carried away with cute new recipes, diy decorations and complicated games found on Pinterest. As you plan an extravagant party with chandeliers, personalized glasses and eight homemade dips, you put a lot of unneeded stress on yourself. Sure, your guests will think your fancy doodads are cool and the dips taste delicious. But in the end, the point of throwing a Christmas party isn’t about the decorations or food at all, but the friends and family that come together. So start small, add things on as you see fit, maximize the time spent with those you love and enjoy the holiday season!

What are you favorite tips for throwing a Christmas party? Let us know down below!
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