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10 Tips to Manage Your Time In College

10 Tips to Manage Your Time In College

1. Make sure you love the things you’re doing.

Everything you do shows a little piece of who you are and where your heart is. Spend your time doing things you love doing….and it becomes that much easier to manage your time in college. Whether that applies to your major, your work-study job, your extra activities – any chance you get, spend the time you have doing the things you love.

2. Don’t over commit.

It’s easy to over schedule your time, especially in college where there are so many options of activities to get involved in. Pick a couple things you really enjoy and let go of the ‘need’ to do everything.

3. Know when to say no.

Healthy limits are important, especially if you want to properly manage your time in college. It is easy to be half-heartedly committed to many different things, but so much more fulfilling to be completely committed to a couple things you are really passionate about. Don’t be afraid to say no to something you don’t want to do. People respect people who know their limits. Saying no initially is much better than realizing later on you’ve got way too much on your plate and have to back out last minute.


4. Let yourself study with friends once and awhile.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a little “fun” to your study sessions. If you can get stuff done while you are with friends – give yourself that opportunity and combine socializing with school work.


5. Schedule time to relax.

This might sound crazy, but you honestly can’t expect to manage your time in college if you don’t allow for a little rest and relaxation. Everybody needs time to relax…but not everyone actually makes time for it. Even if it’s just a few minutes everyday where you take a walk to clear your head, making sure you give yourself the chance to shake off some stress will keep you healthy…and sane.

6. Stay organized.

Life will be ten times easier if you keep track of assignments, exams, plans, etc. Keep a planner or find a system that works for you. Disorganization will only add to your stress and decrease your ability to be productive.


7. Maximize your downtime.

Have a few minutes before class starts? Use this opportunity to start making flash cards for that exam at the end of the week. Stuck waiting for doctor? Get a head start on that final paper. Find ways to optimize the downtime you have in your day and stay ahead of the game.

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8. Learn what makes you efficient.

For some people, this means only studying in one specific location, for others this might mean studying with one particular playlist in the background. Find what works for you and stick to it.


9. Plan time for breaks.

Take breaks here and there. I have found sometimes taking even a few minute break to go for a walk, grab a coffee or chat with a friend helps me get back into what I’m doing and be more efficient than if I force myself to sit in the same spot studying for hours on end.


10. Give yourself some time off each week.

Do something fun at least once a week. Whether that’s giving yourself one day of no-homework on the weekends, or planning a few hours to hang out with friends during the week – while it’s important to manage your time in college, it’s also important to enjoy your college experience!

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