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10 Tips To Make Your Tailgate at UCF Perfect

It’s tailgate season at UCF. Tailgates are some of the best events during college. Get together with your friends and get ready! Whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year, here are 10 tips for the perfect tailgate at UCF!

1. Go with a good group of friends.

Friends make everything better! No explanation needed.


2. Keep your eyes out for free things.

At some tailgates SGA is out there with free shirts and all you have to do is take your spot in line and grab one.


3. Don’t get caught with a drink in your hand if you’re not 21.

I know everyone drinks at tailgates, but keep an eye out for campus police if you’re underage. Getting caught underage drinking can result in a hefty fine and tuition is already expensive enough.

4. Prepare for playing fun games!

There are a ton of different fun games that take place at tailgate and you don’t even have to drink to play.

5. Make sure your phone is charged.

Tailgating is too much fun to not capture the memories, so come with your phone at 100% or as close to that as it can be.

6. Wear shorts, a tee, and sneakers (or a dress if you’re feeling it).

Do not, I repeat do not wear jeans. Orlando has no ocean breeze, so it’s super hot. Keep yourself cool with this tip.


7. Don’t be shy to meet new people.

Tailgating is the perfect opportunity for you to make new friends. Literally half of the school is there. Don’t be afraid to walk up to a group of people or join in on a game.

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8. Arrive no later than an hour after it starts.

Tailgates typically last four hours so you don’t want to go in the last 30 minutes and miss everything. Also, the closer it gets to the game, more people start to head to the stadium.

9. Don’t get too lit.

Don’t be the person that passes out drunk at 4PM.

10. Have fun!

Tailgates make up some of the best memories at UCF, get out there and enjoy them!


What are your tips for the perfect tailgate at UCF? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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Laurie Jackson

Laurie Jackson is a student at the University of Central Florida (go Knights)! She is studying Elementary Education because she loves kids and want to make an impact on the community. In her spare time she blogs, shops, and spends time with her family.

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