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10 Tips for CSUN Orientation

10 Tips for CSUN Orientation

10 Tips for CSUN Orientation

Congratulations! You are officially in a “committed” relationship with college. Now, what…? CSUN’s New Student Orientation, of course! Before you leap into freshman year, keep reading for 10 tips for CSUN Orientation!

1. Don’t be haaangry, be HAPPY!

Bring extra water and snacks. You will be there So, it is definitely important to stay hydrated and well-fed. Even if there is FREE food (score), it always helps to come prepared.

2. Say YES.

You like stuff, right? Thought so. Get ready for complimentary coupons, pens, key chains, and other prizes! (Did I mention, there’s *free* food?)


3. Carry a bag.

Keep track of all of your goodies. You don’t want to lose your new favorite Matadors t-shirt!

4. Take notes.

There are so many seminars with vital information. You gotta keep track, somehow!




5. If you have the opportunity, introduce yourself to faculty!

It always helps to put a name to a face.

6. Don’t leave early.

I know, I know… You will probably get tired of walking around and attending lectures. But, it is important to stay for the entire day. There are so many cool events, and you don’t want to miss out! My favorite was the TAKE stage performance.

7. Press pause on technology.

It is far more enjoyable to interact with your peers and fully take part in activities.

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8. Keep an open mind.

Step out of your comfort zone and talk to a stranger. You never know who you will meet! It could be your future best friend (or boyfriend). *wink*




9. Have FUN!

What have you got to lose? Answer questions during seminars. Participate during ice-breakers. Sign up for clubs. This your time! Make it count.

10. Enjoy the ride.

Ready for this new chapter? If not, that’s okay. Just remember to stay positive and stress less! Good things are coming your way. 

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