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10 Tips for Fall Class Registration at CSUN

Goodbye, college (for now)! Hello, summer! Bring on the sunshine, pool parties, movie marathons, and…fall class registration appointments? Yes. It is one event you don’t want to miss! For those of you taking classes later this year, keep reading for 10 tips that will make fall class registration at CSUN less painful!

1. KNOW your registration date!

It is listed in your CSUN portal.

2. Make every unit count!

See an academic advisor or graduate program coordinator in advance.

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3. Organize a desired schedule ahead of time.

You can use Class Search to preview classes months before enrollment begins. Or, you can use the Registration Planner to generate possible schedules.

4. Keep track of units with the DPR (Degree Progress Tools), which you can access on the CSUN Campus Web Portal.

That way you can monitor which classes you do/don’t need to graduate!

5. Always have a “Plan B” if you can’t get into the courses you want.

In case classes are full, it is important to make a list of extras!

6. Make note of registration policies.

The Registration-by-Appointment period ends on July 10 (maximum units are 13). Nonrestrictive Registration is open from July 11 through August 28 (maximum units are 16).

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7. Clear holds that may prevent you from successful registering.

8. Check your account balance and pay tuition before the deadlines published in the Fee Payment Schedule.
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9. Ready… Set… Begin registering!

Add, drop, or swap classes online during your appointment.

10. Drop classes during the first three weeks of instruction if necessary…

… Or else you will get a grade of “WU” (unauthorized withdrawal), which counts as an “F” in GPA calculation.
What are some other tips for fall class registration at CSUN? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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