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10 Times Zac and Vanessa (Zanessa) Were Relationship Goals

10 Times Zac and Vanessa (Zanessa) Were Relationship Goals

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgen’s relationship on and off screen are the epitome of relationship goals…and from day one, they captured our hearts. They made us lean in a little closer to the television, swooning over the undeniable connection between the two characters of High School Musical. Though both relationships (yes, including the real life one) are long gone and moved on, the memory of their love is one that we still look up to today…hoping one day we’ll get to experience that kind of mutual endearment. As we keep our fingers crossed for that love to cross our paths, in the mean time we can admire these 10 times that #Zanessa were relationship goals.

1. The picture perfect first meeting.

Relationship goals at it’s finest.

2. Have you ever seen so much pride?

The way Gabriela rushed down the bleachers to congratulate Troy for winning the championship – too precious.


3. Long romantic walks on the beach.

4. Sneaking loving glances at award shows.

Even the limelight can’t take their attention away from each other.

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5. They even make a basketball game look like a honeymoon.

6. Hello (high school) relationship goals.

Staring into each other’s eyes, while hanging out at the lockers? Why wasn’t my high school experience like this?!


7. Only these two could make us envious of a slow dance.

8. A sandwich never looked so good.

9. We’d all die to have someone look at us that way.

10. The only way I want my graduation to end.
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