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10 Times Supernatural Summed Up College Life

10 Times Supernatural Summed Up College Life

Whether you think Supernatural is just simply about the abnormal creatures that live in our world, or you’re admittedly waiting for the next appearance of Wincest love, there is a 100% chance that this show relates to your college journey.

1. When finals week is in full session and you’re slowly dying.

Enough said.

2. When you hear, “there will be free food at this event!”

I should take some of this to go since it’s free, right?


3. When you have a group assignment.

I can count on my hands how many times I have enjoyed a group project, or been paired with people also invested in the assignment.

4. When a professor says, “it’s on the syllabus.”

I’m sorry I don’t carry around a 15 page paper about your class with me. And just a head’s up, I have other classes to worry about as well, thanks.

5. When a professor says they are postponing the test.

Is it Christmas? No? It sure feels like it!


6. When you have a paper due, three tests, and meetings all in the same week.

Most of the time the college Gods are looking down at us stressing/crying and just laugh. I guarantee it.

7. When someone asks, “how’s college going?”

Do you want me to ask about how your job search or your divorce is going? Then don’t ask me about college.

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8. When you’ve spent all night in the library.

What a crazy thing time is. I think the library is a vortex in which time disappears.


9. When you’ve been out all night and come back to your apartment or dorm.

Mmmmmmmmm, sleep.


10. Every day in math class.

*Whispers to neighbor* Do you get this!?


At least Sam and Dean understand the struggle of my college journey. College can make you both laugh and cry at the same time. Funny how that works, isn’t it? The silver lining is that Netflix and summer are just around the corner. I hope you binge watch to your heart’s content.

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