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10 Times Drake and Josh Perfectly Summed Up College Life

10 Times Drake and Josh Perfectly Summed Up College Life

Now that second semester has come to a close and all that is left to do is reflect upon the past year in all of its glory (and embarrassment), I present to you 10 times that Drake and Josh perfectly summed up college life. I guarantee you can relate.

1. When your roommate comes home at noon.

And she’s already worked out, gone to class, grocery shopped and wrote an essay…but you haven’t even moved from your bed.


2. When you began working on your essay a little too late.

And have to get creative.



3. When that dude from the party shows up at your dorm wanting more.

4. When you looked forward to your frozen enchilada all day…

…and come home to find your roommate ate it.


5. When you pull an all-nighter just to BS your essay.

6. When your residence hall forgets to turn on the AC.

And keeps the heat blasting.



7. When your RA tells you to quiet down.

And it’s a Friday night.

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8. When your friends keep bringing up what you did at the party last week.

Please, let it go.


9. When you finally move into your first off campus apartment and feel like a real adult.

Minus the fact your parents are still paying for it.


10. When the semester is over and you can finally go home.


When else did Drake and Josh sum up college life? Share in the comments!

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