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10 Times Beyoncé Represented Your Senior Year

10 Times Beyoncé Represented Your Senior Year

Senior year is tough. Luckily, we have Beyonce to represent it for us. The great Queen B goes through all the feels and fails you face as a senior. Keep reading for 10 times Beyonce represented your senior year!


1. When you and your friends realize it’s actually senior year.

2. When you notice a freshman trying to be bossy and controlling.

3. When your teachers decide to give you three tests and two projects all due by the end of the week.

4. When you just can’t deal with school anymore.

5. When your GPA is dying but you somehow save it.

6. When you finally get your acceptance letter.

7. When school gets tough, and you and your best friend consider dropping out and becoming strippers.

8. When your cap and gown finally come in.

9. When it’s senior night for the sport you play.

10. When you finally get to walk across the stage at graduation.

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