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10 Thoughts Every High School Senior Has After Graduation

10 Thoughts Every High School Senior Has After Graduation

1. I’m free!

After graduation, you’re stripped of your high school status and you’re officially going to be an adult, on your own, thrust into the real world. Going from high school senior to college freshman means you are no longer controlled under the grasp of your parents – now you don’t have to report to anyone about your whereabouts. Everything’s on you now – make the right decisions.

2. But I’m going to miss my friends.

Once you head off to college, so will your beloved friends from high school. You’re going to have to start over and form a whole new clique, all over again. On the plus side; friendships won’t be entirely formed on who sat behind you in class or who had the locker next to you. In college, you will become friends with so many different types of people.

3. I can’t wait to go to college!!

Everyone always says that college is the “best 4 years of your life,” so it’s only normal you would want to hurry up and find out if that’s actually the case. In college, you’ll have so many new experiences, but it’s different for everyone, be prepared for some exhilarating and life-changing events.


4. Yesssss, vacation.

One thing every high school senior definitely thinks about upon graduation is vacation time. My favorite part of summer: going on vacation with my family. It’s that one final hoorah before classes start up again and you don’t have as many opportunities to relax anymore.

5. Shoot, I need a summer job.

Nobody likes to work, but everyone likes receiving a paycheck. With a summer job, you can buy supplies for your dorm to decorate, all those dreaded textbooks, new pieces for your wardrobe, and tuition! Whether you want to hear it or not, I’d recommend that any graduating high school senior consider picking up a part time job over those few summer months.

6. Is it time for college supply shopping yet?

Back to school shopping is my favorite part of returning to school. Ever since I was a kid, I loved going out and buying new notebooks, binders, and backpacks. Stocking up for college is even better because now you can buy items to style your new room!


7. What if I don’t make any friends?

The internal fear every graduated high school senior turned incoming freshman has is that they won’t be able to make friends. The fear intensifies if you’re attending a smaller school, because with less people, the less people you could potentially befriend. Don’t worry, everyone always has a friend they can rely on, or at least an acquaintance who they can go to meals with and ask for notes when they miss class.

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8. What if my roommate’s insane?

This is an especially prominent thought if you’re going in random. With a random, you never know who you’re going to end up and what could potentially go down once you arrive at school. You just have to hope for the best, be a decent person and pray your roommate will do the same. If things don’t turn out so great, you always have the option to move out and switch rooms, starting the cycle up all over again.


9. Did I make the right choice of school?

Choosing where you want to go to school is a big step. Most people have never had to decide where they were going to get an education; it was chosen for you by your parents. Now, you’re faced with a decision only you can truly make. It’s normal for a high school senior to start second guessing their decision after graduation – but just keep reminding yourself why you chose the school in the first place!

10. What if I don’t like my major?

Some people choose majors just to choose a major, and some choose a major because they think they’ll like it or be able to handle it. You may even get to college and take some classes in a major you thought you’d enjoy and realize it’s definitely NOT for you. But that’s OKAY! College is the time to try new things, so figure out what you like and pursue it!

What are some other thoughts every high school senior has after graduation? Share in the comments below!
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