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10 Thoughts Every College Senior Has

10 Thoughts Every College Senior Has

10 Thoughts Every College Senior Has

Senior year brings many emotions, both positive and negative. Here are a few mixed bag thoughts every college senior has.

1. Does the last semester seem harder to anyone else?

It could just be the lack of focus, but somehow this last semester is a real struggle.

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2. Should I continue to grad school or get a job first?

The real world brings lots of decisions, and this seems like it should be one of the first on the agenda.

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3. It’s house hunting time!

This is one of the most pressing thoughts every college senior has, considering your college won’t be providing you housing once you head out.

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4. I’m counting down the days till graduation.

This is probably one of the most common thoughts every college senior has, but make sure to appreciate your time in school before rushing on to the next phase of life.

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5. Oh no, I need to start paying back my loans soon.

There goes my paycheck.


6. I need to look more like an adult now.

Looking more like an adult is a priority on the list of thoughts every college senior has – probably because it’s an excuse for a shopping spree.

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7. How useful is my degree?

Will I even use my psychology of puppies degree? Hopefully!

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what am I doing with my life?

8. Can I go back in time to fix some of the mistakes I made in college? Please!

Looking back can be tough when you have some regrets on your plate. Instead, focus your energy on looking forward to brighter beginnings.

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9. I should learn how to cook.

Oh yeah, the dining hall isn’t a “thing” anymore. A girl’s got to eat.

Chrissy Teigen's awesome cookbook

10. I really need to hang out with my friends before I become an adult.

Let’s take advantage of this time together, before we have early morning obligations and real-world responsibilities.

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Can you think of any more thoughts every college senior has? Comment below!

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