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10 Thoughts We All Have At The Beach

10 Thoughts We All Have At The Beach

Salty air. Sandy feet. Sticky hair. Total relaxation. It isn’t summer unless you’ve taken a trip to the beach. Aside from struggling through summer reading, many of us use those restful hours at the beach as a time to think and readjust our minds. While soaking in the heavy rays of Vitamin D (or sea), you may find yourself pondering about anything – from what it’s like on Mars to what you want to eat for dinner. Somewhere in between, you may come across a few mutual thoughts that just about every beach-goer experiences.

1. That seagull better not take a crap on my head.

Those pesky, yet likeable, birds tend to be everywhere at the beach, no matter what beach you travel to. We all know what bird poop looks like and can only hope it won’t end up on our perfect, beach-waved hair. Packing a small bottle of shampoo in your beach bag might not be a terrible idea.



2. I should get a tattoo.

There are a variety of tattoos spotted on the beach in various places on the body. Although you might not have interest in getting a tattoo, seeing how that girl really pulls off the half moon on the side of her boob makes you think maybe you could too. If you’re looking for tattoo inspiration, the beach is a perfect place!



3. Should I apply another coat of sunscreen/Am I even getting tan?

We all hope to come back from the beach a different shade than when we arrived. With that in mind, our parents have permanently implanted this phrase in our minds, “Put on your sunscreen. You don’t want skin cancer!” Sunscreen is always a good thing, and you will still get tan with it applied. (Hint: If you really want to get tan, use a sunscreen with lower SPF.)


4. What if I’m attacked by a shark?

You can’t help but think about what would happen if you saw that intriguing dorsal fin drifting towards you, especially if you recently saw The Shallows or binge watched Shark Week. In reality, that thing that’s scraping past your knee or touching your toe is most likely a piece of seaweed or harmless crab – not a hungry great white.



5. I wish I looked like that person.

There’s no doubt that we tend to compare our bodies to other people at the beach – everyone’s half naked and strutting their stuff so it’s kind of hard not to. But have confidence in how you look and wear your bathing suit proudly!



6. I miss being a kid.

Don’t you miss the days when you had the best time building a sandcastle or making a ‘hot tub’ in the sand? Seeing how much fun kids are having at the beach is a reminder of a very special time in your life.


7. Do I have a nip slip?

This is a very common and realistic fear for women. That wave might crash and do some damage in the bikini department. Make sure you have a trusting friend to give you a heads up if your nip does decide to slip!



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8. I better do some more reading…

Whether or not you’re determined to finish your summer reading, you probably wonder if maybe your time would be better spent catching up on some quality reading time. It’s a lot more pleasant on the beach after all.



9. What’s past the horizon?

Sure, we know it’s ocean. But what’s past the water? What island/country is there? Are there boats out there? The horizon on a beach is mysterious and eye catching. You may find yourself just staring at it, and that’s perfectly okay.



10. I can’t wait to be a parent someday.

There are some adorable beach babies on every beach. They make you think about what it will be like to dress your baby in a cute suit and floppy hat. Just think: You’ll get there.


No matter what thoughts cross your mind at the beach this summer, just make sure you hit the road or the runway to escape to a place where you will smell that ocean breeze and remind yourself of how blessed you truly are.

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