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10 Things You Won’t Miss About High School

10 Things You Won’t Miss About High School

Let’s face it: your yearbooks and varsity jackets will begin to lose appeal rather quickly, especially after you get a ton of college gear. Like some of your old mementos, you’ll gladly part with certain aspects of high school.

  1. Sitting in detention (or the fear of getting one).

Yep, those pink slips of paper were a major inconvenience. Who wants to stick around any longer than needed, anyway? For people who didn’t normally get detentions, it was embarrassing to be put with the “bad kids.” For those who were usual suspects, it was just another study hall.

  1. Being at school for 8 or more hours a day.

In college, you get to fit your class schedule in a way that suits your social life, work schedule, study needs and so on. High school, on the other hand, starts in the morning and drags on until the afternoon. Nap breaks? Not likely.


  1. Eating cafeteria food

Say goodbye to the bland mashed potatoes, milk cartons, questionable broccoli, and greasy pizza. Most dining halls work hard to provide decent food and various options for their students.

  1. Carrying around a hall pass

Do you need to use the bathroom? Just go. No more having to awkwardly raise your hand and ask in front of the entire class. Expect to see freshmen cause a big laugh when asking for permission to go in front of a hundred-people lecture.


  1. Hiding your phone in your backpack

You haven’t experience panic until your phone vibrates as your teacher is walking by your desk. Most high schoolers live in constant fear of the day Siri decides to have a mind of her own. Luckily for you, a majority of professors have relaxed cell phone policies.

  1. Abiding to the dress code

Depending on how conservative your high school was, your wardrobe changes may have been very limited. In most universities, dress codes are nonexistent. Therefore, if you feel like wearing leggings and a hoodie to class, by golly, you rock those leggings and hoodie!

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  1. Memorizing locker combinations

Lockers were the bane of many a high school student’s existence. C’mon, nobody has time to speed walk (because no running in the halls, remember?) to a locker, spin out a combination, and then speed walk to a classroom.

  1. Feeling like you don’t fit in

Most college students will admit that there were points during their high school career when they felt a little lost and alone. In college, opportunities to spread out, meet new people, and discover how you fit into this crazy, beautiful world pop up all the time. And cliques? Who needs them?
  1. Attending school sex-ed classes or assemblies

The idea of having your gym teacher give you a lecture on the importance of abstinence is not your idea of a good time. College is a completely different playing field, though. Most universities offer clinics and informational services to answer any questions their students may have.


  1. Just about everyone in your graduating class

Let’s face it: the fuzzy feelings fade soon after graduation. As you all part ways and settle you’re your campuses around the state, country or world, you’ll find new friends, new interests and new commitments. You may come to find that you just don’t have time to wonder about your old classmates. Hey, there are always class reunions.

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