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*10 Things You Will Need The First Night In A College Apartment

Finally, after a long day of moving boxes, furniture, and all of your belongings to your new college apartment, you can finally have a second to yourself! Before you get to unpacking just any random box, there are a few necessities that you will want to have on your first night in your new place. Keep reading to find out what exactly you will need!

1. Clean Sheets

After your long day of moving, you are probably super tired! A nice and early night in bed sounds perfect right about now, but you don’t have sheets! Make sure you include some sheets and bedding for your bed that has already been cleaned for your first night. If you happened to not have any detergent or anything, you can have these clean sheets already. Double check with your mattress size to make sure that your sheets will the bed without any problems. Time to catch some zzz’s…

2. Bathroom Kit

When you arrive at your college apartment, it might be weird to walk into something so empty and releasing that not everything is there! One thing that you might be forgetting for your first night is some sort of bathroom kit with all of your necessities.

Everything that you are going to need to get clean and get ready for bed needs to be in this box so you’re not having to scramble to the store! If you’re planning on showering and washing your hair, don’t forget your fave shampoo and conditioner! If you need to change out your contacts from the day, don’t forget the solution and your glasses so you’ll actually be able to see.

3. A Few Dishes

You never know if your long day of moving makes you have a craving for a late-night bowl of cereal or if you plan on making your first meal on your first night! In this case, make sure you have all of the proper tools to prepare and enjoy your meal such as paper goods or reusable dishes.

At this point, you can unpack all of your pans, pots, and dishes, that you’ll have in your college apartment just so you have everything out. If that is a big task that needs to be saved for later, include a few bowls and silverware in one of your boxes so you’ll have everything you need!

4. Cleaning Supplies

Fingers crossed that you arrive at your new place with a clean space that is ready for your to move everything into! If you happen to not be so lucky, you will need a few supplies to get your space ready for your things.

Even if the place looks spotless upon your arrival, it’s best to dust a little bit and wipe down all of the surfaces! Don’t forget your vacuum if you have carpets, dish soap for any new dishes, clothes for wiping things down, and a broom to sweep everything up at the end!

5. Chargers and Extension Cords

One thing that might not make it in your first box to be unpacked is all of your chargers and extension cords! Everything from your phone, to your computer, to the extension cord that you always keep by your bedside, you’ll want that packed and ready to go for your first night!

If any of your appliances need other cords, make sure you have this on hand so you can go straight to using them like normal. You might even throw in your wifi router in this mix so you can use your phone and computer without eating up any of your data!

6. Your Shower Curtain and Shower Rod

After your long day, you’ll want to wash the day away to start fresh in the morning with more boxes and more unpacking! You’ll soon find out that your new apartment won’t come with a shower rod or a shower curtain, leaving you to fend for yourself when you move in.

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Don’t be standing in the shower without any of these things, but make sure it is one of the first things that you unpack in your new place. Your apartment should let you know the specifications on the curtain height and the rod width that you will need so you can pack exactly what will fit.

7. Your Backpack

Maybe you’re moving in during the summer between semesters, or maybe it’s right in the middle of the semester. Either way, you don’t want moving to impact your priorities with school and your classes in a negative way. Make sure to bring your backpack and school supplies with you on that first night so you can get any work done that is due!

8. Curtains and Curtain Rods

This is the same situation with the shower curtain and shower rod, you’ll want your privacy in your new spot. Most apartments will not have curtain rods included, but it will just be the blinds on the windows. If you like to sleep in complete darkness or just want to add some more design to your space, you’ll for sure want to hang some curtains the first night you are here!

9. Clothes for a Few Days

Welcome to box city! The population is 1 person unless you have roommates! It might be hard the first few days to get to the boxes that have your clothes, so pack a few extra clothes for the next few days while you unpack and organize your new space. You might happen to find your box with all of your t-shirts packed, but not the box with your bras and panties…#awkward. Prevent this by preparing for the next few days with some fits!

10. Towels

One other thing to include in your bathroom kit and kitchen essentials’ box is towels! If you’re washing all of your unpacked dishes, you’ll need something to scrub them with and dry them with even on the first night. You also don’t want to be fully showered only to step out of the shower with no towels and you’re soaking wet! THrow a few extras in the box and thank yourself later!

Which items are you going to be packing to make your first night less stressful? Is there anything you will absolutely need to survive your first night in your college apartment? Share with us in the comments below!

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