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10 Things You Will Miss About High School

10 Things You Will Miss About High School

High school is filled with ups and downs, but in the end, you realize how much you grew as a student. You made friends, passed difficult classes, became more mature and started thinking about college.

After leaving high school you going to realize that college is very different (but great too). Here are 10 things you are probably going to miss.

1. Family

Your family will be missed, even if you don’t realize it now. You’ll miss their stories, their advice, home cooked meals, and even them doing your laundry! Be sure to call them as often as you can, maybe even write a letter here and there. They’ll miss you just as much (if not more) than you miss them.


2. Friends

Every lunch period, study hall and class spent with your high school friends will be missed. Sure, you will definitely make new ones in college, but those high school buddies are hard to replace. Make sure to take time to visit your friends from home whenever you’re all back in town.



3. Teachers

Professors are typically not as friendly with students in college as high school teachers were. You probably knew details about your high school teachers’ personal lives, but in college they tend to be more professional. You’ll miss your favorite teachers, and maybe even the ones you didn’t like that much.


4. Traditions

Homecoming dance, prom, field trips – your high school had many fun activities that colleges don’t have. This is why you should participate in as many of your high school traditions as you can. It won’t be much longer until you’ll be stuck in the fans (parent’s) section, with all the other alumni.

5. Hallways

You will miss simple things like walking with friends down the hall to class and having a locker to grab things on the run. In college, your dorm becomes your new locker. Be sure to buy a quality backpack to tote your belongings around campus.


6. Cost

Even if you attended a private high school, it won’t be as much as college tuition. Additional expenses add up quickly, so get a job now! Working senior year of high school is manageable and you’ll definitely need that extra money for college life.

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7. Class Location

As a high schooler, you probably have all your classes within a four minute radius. In college, you’ll mostly have to trek outside to get to your classes (even in the snow and rain!). Enjoy the quick walks while you can.

8. Fashion

College is not a fashion show like high school. Girls often roll out of bed to class, so you should expect to wear comfort clothes most of the time. Running shorts in the summer, yoga pants and hoodies in the winter – these are your typical college outfits. Don’t worry, you still dress up when you go out at night!


9. Lunch

I don’t mean the food! High schools sell notoriously gross meals, so actually college food is an upgrade. What you’ll miss is sitting at the lunch table with your good friends, gossiping about other high school kids.


10. Memories

Being inside your high school can flood a lot of memories to your brain. Did you get asked out in the library? Did you make a new friend in the lunch line? Before you leave take a good look around because I can pretty much guarantee you, you’re going to miss it.


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