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10 Things You Took for Granted in High School

1. Home cooked meals

Legit, cooking is hard, and if you are clumsy or forgetful, it’s even worse! There’s no better sound in the world than the dinner bell (or mom’s voice saying dinner is ready).

2. Short trips to and from class

Walking to classes in air-conditioned buildings and never having to trek through the sweltering heat, from one side of campus to the next, in only 10 minutes.

3. Seeing your friends and/or family everyday

If you go to school outside of your hometown, you know what I’m talking about. As soon as you go back home, you literally spend all of your time with them.

4. Free time

Friends actually being able to hang out with you anytime of day. In college, everyone is constantly busy and on different schedules.


Need I say more?

6. Small classes

Teachers knowing your name and being available to help. In college you will just be another student to them. Hint: Get to know them. If they do research ask them about it, they’ll probably love you.

7. Having down time

(For Netflix purposes).

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8. Having money

Might be yours, might be your parents’. Regardless, it counts.

9. Easy classes

Having a blow-off, easy, no homework class.

10. Having a plan

Everyone is doing the same thing and on the same timeline. Counselors pick your classes and walk you through high school.


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