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10 Things You Can Add to Greek Yogurt This Week

10 Things You Can Add to Greek Yogurt This Week

Feel like trying out a new snack this week but want to get out of your bad habits? Greek Yogurt is one of the easiest ways you can snack and still save some calories! Greek yogurt sometimes comes flavored or prepacked with toppings, but lots of people opt to buy the classic Greek yogurt, which to some people tastes a little bitter or bland. We’ve gotten together 10 amazing ingredients you can add to your Greek yogurt this week!

Maple Syrup

One of the easiest things you can add to Greek yogurt if you just don’t love that bitter taste is maple syrup! This can be great if you’re switching out your normal snacks for healthier alternatives like Greek yogurt. It’s very reminiscent of pancakes if you add the right amount. Maple syrup is sweet and the consistency blends with the Greek yogurt texture perfectly. Just add some on top and mix it in but be careful because a little can go a long way. You don’t want to add too much syrup and your yogurt end up being way too sweet, so be wary of that!


Honey has the same effect as maple syrup on the Greek yogurt but is sweeter than maple syrup sometimes comes. The thickness of it blends with the Greek yogurt effortlessly and makes the snack go to the next level. This is a great one to blend with the other options on this list as it can give any of these other ingredients a kick to them. You may only need a teaspoon of this sweet treat added to your Greek yogurt bowl.



You can add virtually any fruit to Greek yogurt. Just popping a few blueberries or strawberries in can real change the snack. These are just some of our favorites! You can also add bananas, pineapple, or blackberries to the mix. Fruits are also a good ingredient to mix with other options from the list but adding them on their own can never go wrong. Some might even opt to blend or mush the berries a bit before adding them to the bowl for a different texture. The limits are almost endless! Even better? – Add as many as you can find! Who doesn’t love a upgrading an average fruit cup to your delicious breakfast bowl? The possibilities here are endless.


The soft crunch that granola adds to Greek yogurt is to die for! You can usually buy plain granola at your grocery store, but even one with some trail mix in the bag would be tasty. This one is especially great for those looking for a low-calorie snack. You can try adding your granola right to the bottom, mixing it in, or just adding a thin layer on top! Plus, the aesthetic of this snack – when done right looks crazy good on your Instagram Story.


Almonds, cashews, and pecans can be a great addition to your Greek yogurt bowl! Almonds are soft and the Greek yogurt coats them deliciously. Cashews give a little salt to the mix usually, which can really advance the blandness of the Greek yogurt’s taste. Pecans are great added to anything, but the texture of them is incredibly with Greek yogurt. Not only do each of them add a different taste and texture to the yogurt, but they add more proteins and nutrients than regular granola does! This is an option where you can add as much or as little as you want to the mix!



Treating yourself to something sweet but don’t want to over-indulge? Add a couple of your favorite cookies to your yogurt. You can either opt to dip your cookies in yogurt, or break them up and mix them in. Even thinly broken cookie crumbs can add a crazy flavor to your yogurt. You can even try putting the crumbs at the bottom of the bowl as if it’s some sort of cheesecake. Either way, you’re bound to love this snack.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are great for so many reasons! Let’s start with the great texture it adds. They’re great for crunching in your bites. The sweetness of these is unmatched. Plus, the pomegranate juice spreads throughout the entire cup of yogurt, and it all become a sweet fruity mixture. (Try adding just the juice if you don’t love the texture of the seeds!)

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Coconut Shavings

If you’re someone who always went for Almond Joys when everyone was chasing Hershey’s, then you’ll love this snack! (P.S. If you can’t find coconut shavings at our grocery stores – Almond Joys will also taste amazing!) People who love coconut also love the texture of it – so if you usually like everything coconut, then you should have no problem with topping off your Greek yogurt bowl with a layer of coconut shavings. Add those shavings and mix in the sweetness!

Top view of coconut shavings bowl isolated on white

Lemon or Lime Juice

Looking for something to switch up your tastebuds’ usual? Cut up a fresh lemon or lime from your fridge and add some of the juice to your Greek yogurt bowl. You’d be surprised with how delicious it is. Lemond or lime juice can also This is another one that must come with a warning: a little goes a long way! Don’t make your yogurt bowl to bitter or unbearable, just add a little twist to it.

Chocolate Chips

This sweet treat is simple, yet the most effective in my opinion. Who doesn’t love chocolate added to anything? Add a handful (or two, or three) of chocolate chips to your Greek yogurt bowl. If you’re feeling like going the extra mile, you could always layer the top with chocolate chips for an even dip or melt the chocolate chips before adding them.


Which of these sweet Greek yogurt toppings will you be trying in your next snack? Feeling like pairing one or two of these ingredients? Let us know what you mix and how it goes! Happy snacking!