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10 Things You Actually Need To Pack for Spring Break

10 Things You Actually Need To Pack for Spring Break

Are you starting to get ready for spring break? We have the ultimate guide for what you actually need to pack for spring break this year!

Okay, let’s face it, now that winter break is over there is only one thing on your mind. Yes, you guessed it! Spring break. Hotel reservations are being swooped up like chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day and the frantic forming of groups is reminding you of middle school dodge ball tournaments all over again. But don’t worry, with my help you’ll have one… well, 10 less things to worry about. Here are 10 things you actually need to pack for spring break.

1. Music Playlist

If you’re not a part of the super lucky crowd who lives 20 minutes away from the beach, then like the rest of us, you’ll be road tripping or even flying to your destination. Nothing will be more of a buzzkill then trying to find a new radio station with each county line you pass through. So, be prepared and set up a music playlist of your own! Call shotgun, grab the aux cord, and be crowned the best DJ of the year by your friends.


2. Dry Shampoo

Trust me, you need this. As if sharing a bathroom with your college roommate wasn’t hard enough, picture sharing a tiny hotel bathroom with 5 other girls; not pretty right? There’s a guarantee that mid lather-rinse-repeat you hear a loud knock on the door followed by an annoyed “Hurry up in there.” If you don’t want to be walking to the beach with soap residue clinging to your locks, I suggest you spritz a few pumps of dry shampoo at your roots. Not only will you feel clean and refreshed, you’ll also have the perfect beach waves!

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3. Sunscreen

This is a no brainier, but a lot of people end up forgetting their Banana Boat sunscreen under their bathroom sink. Most tourist attractions have simple necessities like these at a much higher cost, so don’t forget to pack your own. (Here’s a secret for any of you going to South Padre, before entering the Island, stop at the closet H-E-B and pick up some groceries/ snacks! They are soooooo much cheaper off the island!)


4. A Portable, Waterproof Speaker

There will most likely be a DJ or performing artist wherever you’re going during spring break. Whether it’s on the beach or in a club. But sometimes it’s nice to escape the big crowd and walk a couple miles down from the chaos. Grab your friends and your speakers, play your own music, and share funny stories. You’ll definitely make some memories.

5. Swimsuits, Swimsuits, Swimsuits

See how I said swimsuits more than once? Yeah, that’s because you’re going to want to pack more than one! You don’t want to be caught at the beach party wearing the exact same outfit you wore yesterday, do you? This is your perfect chance to show off your new triangle bikinis! For how much they cost, I’d want to to show each and every one! PrettyLittleThing and boohoo have some cute and affordable swimsuits!


6. Extra Money

I know you have a strict budget, but when you see that cute pair of sunglasses with ‘SB2K16’ written on the sides, you’ll find yourself splurging on little things here and there. Of course, I don’t want to encourage you going over your budget, but please stash some extra cash somewhere in your suitcase or makeup bag just in case! You never know when an emergency will arise.


7. Baby Powder

Sure, feeling the sand between our toes is nice and all, but it’s never cool when you end up bringing some home. If you want to get ride of the sand that’s hiding out on you, sprinkle some baby powder on the area and then dust it off. This will help get rid of those pesky pebbles that never seem to go away!

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8. Sweatshirt

When you imagine what to pack for spring break, all you think of is a bikini and flip flops, but as soon as the sun drops past the horizon, you’ll fell how chilly the beach can really get. So bring a sweatshirt and bundle up when the wind starts blowing faster than you expected. Don’t worry, you can tie the sweatshirt around your waist during the day. This may also help you girls out there who aren’t so fond of baring it all in front of complete strangers; you can have the prefect cover-up and still look cute!

9. Penny board

Transportation won’t be cheap in a beach town, plus you already spent so much money on gas just to get to your destination. I suggest packing your bike, penny board, skate board or *sigh* your hover board. This way you and your friends can travel up and down the boardwalk without your feet hurting from those Converse you’re wearing (insert bonus must have here!) Of course, if you’re hopping on a plane to get to your destination, only pack your penny board if you have room!


10. Makeup Remover Wipes

Lastly, you’ll want to bring some makeup remover wipes! With all the fun and adventures you’ll be having throughout the day, by the time you make it home or to your hotel, you’ll be exhausted! You don’t want to skip out on removing your makeup and wake up to a huge pimple on your face, so simply reach over to your nightstand and grab a makeup remover wipe. Swipe it over your face and start counting some z’s!


Hopefully this helped with what to pack for spring break! Have fun!

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