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10 Things You Absolutely Need For Back To School

10 Things You Absolutely Need For Back To School

10 Things You Absolutely Need For Back To School

Back to school is rolling around the corner, but that does not mean you need to panic! There is something slightly satisfying about going shopping for college essentials, but it can also be overwhelming to know where to begin. Here are ten things that you absolutely need for back to school, including items for your dorm and for the classroom! 

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2. Brita And Water Bottle

Next up on our list of college essentials is to make sure you bring a Brita and a water bottle. It can be difficult to stay hydrated when you go to school, but the importance of drinking water does not go away when you step foot on campus. One reason a college student may forget to drink water is that they are afraid of the water that comes out of their school’s faucets. That is where a Brita comes in handy, this will filter your water and restrict contaminants which will ensure that you feel safe with the water you are drinking. You are not quite in the clear yet though, you will still need to bring a water bottle to make sure that you are reminding yourself to drink the right amount of water each day. We recommend bringing water bottles that remind you how much you need to drink, like the one pictured below, or ones like Hydroflasks that are big and keep your water cold all day. Don’t lose track of your hydration when in college, bring a Brita and a cute water bottle to remind you!

3. Blackout Curtains Or Sleep Mask

If you are like us and need complete darkness to sleep peacefully, this next one on our list of college essentials is the one for you. You can never guarantee that the shades or curtains that your school provides you with will be sufficient enough to keep the light out of your room in the morning, which is why it is important to take matters into your own hands. Bringing blackout curtains or shades of your own will not only allow you to personalize your dorm even more when you can pick the color and design, but it will also ensure that you will get better sleep without the sun peaking through way too early in the morning. If your school does not allow this, or you just don’t have the time to look for blackout curtains, then a sleep mask is the way to go. These come in many different styles and colors to fit your personal preferences, and once you get used to sleeping in one you will start getting the best nights of sleep of your life!


4. Shower Shoes

This may be a given when it comes to college essentials, but we thought this was crucial enough to bring to your attention again. Shower shoes will be your ultimate best friend in college, especially once you realize how little you desire to step on the college shower floors barefoot. Have no fear, for if you bring a pair of convenient shower shoes you will be saved from stepping foot on the mysterious shower floor! Be sure to do your research and be smart about which shoes you choose, it is important that they are meant for the shower, or else they might build mold and a very bad smell. 

5. Cleaning Supplies

It is hard to make the transition from living at home all summer to being on your own again once you go to school, which is why this next one on our college essentials list is for those of us who are clumsy and messy. You never want to allow your dorm room to get messy to the point of no return, which is why it is super important to bring plenty of cleaning supplies to keep stored somewhere in your room. This is not only for the deep cleaning days you will have but also for the random spills of coffee or food which you will want to clean right away without having to run to someone else’s dorm for help. Bring cleaning supplies to college, you will thank yourself later!

6. Planners And Notebooks

Another aspect of our college essentials is to help you make sure you stay organized throughout the year; having a planner and a good amount of notebooks for your classes is the perfect way to ensure you stay up to date with all of your assignments and events. Opting for cute planners and notebooks will inspire you to use them and to increase your productivity with your classes and your social life. These are easy to find in cute patterns and colors that you can coordinate with your other supplies on your desk to make you feel more organized and put together!

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7. A Bunch Of Pens And Pencils

We all know how easy it is to lose our writing utensils, whether we randomly leave them in our dorm or in our classes, or we accidentally let one too many people borrow a pencil. Either way, they randomly seem to disappear on us without a trace which is why next up on our list of college essentials is to bring a good amount of pens and pencils. This does not need to be expensive, you may want to splurge a bit on a few packs of the fancier pens and pencils but after that, all you need to do is purchase bulk packages of cheap ones. 

8. Sticky Notes

Everybody loves sticky notes not only because they are fun to use, but also because they serve as good reminders when we need to remember important information such as due dates of upcoming assignments, appointments, or even inspiring words to get us through the day. We included sticky notes in our list of college essentials because we believe that they are the most convenient way for busy students to quickly jot down important things and stick them onto their desk or planner. Plus, if you’re looking for something new, you can buy them in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different color schemes and patterns.


9. Emergency Bag

This next one is one of the most important items on the college essentials list: An emergency baggie. A lot can happen in a day, especially in college, which is why it is ultra super important to carry a small (or any size depending on how much room you have) baggie full of everything you would need in case of an emergency. You will not only thank yourself for always being prepared but your friends and others around you will thank you if you ever have something that they might need right away. Some important things to remember when building this emergency bag: Feminine products, medicine, hair ties, tissues, a small mirror, bandaids, and anything else that you can think of that you might need to keep in your backpack or purse. Trust us, this will be a lifesaver in so many different situations!

10. Steamer And Lint Roller

Last up on our list of college essentials is a steamer and a lint roller. When it comes to what you want to bring to college, you have to make sure that you are thinking about what is most convenient for you and what takes up the least amount of space. An ironing board and iron will take up a lot of your space, and will take a lot of your time to use; that is why a steamer is a perfect device to bring because it comes in practical sizes and is quick and easy to use for getting rid of unwanted wrinkles. A lint roller is a given essential, everybody knows how easily your clothes can get linty and how frustrating it is to find your favorite clothing full of fuzz. That is why all you need to do is bring a lint roller to keep stored in your closet for when you find your clothing getting too linty; they are even available in mini sizes to keep in your emergency bag! 

With this list of 10 things you absolutely need for back to school, you are ready to get started on finding all of your college essentials! Let us know what your college essentials are in the comments below!