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10 Things I Wish My Parents Understood About College Life

10 Things I Wish My Parents Understood About College Life

Soon I’ll be headed back to college to start my studies, work, and take on all the activities for another academic year. Now, as a first-generation student, my parents don’t understand the American college life and always assume the worst about it. I have a feeling there are a lot of other parents out there who also share these same speculations. That being said, here are a few things that I wish my parents understood about my American life at college.

1. The college life is not ALWAYS a party.

What the media shows you about college is not exactly 100% true…

2. College is very different from high school.

My parents believe that I should be in class 8 hours a day 5 days a week or else I’m wasting my time. Again, college course-work can take up hours upon hours outside of class. I’m honestly glad I have classes only a couple of hours a day, two or three times a week!



3. Fast food is NOT my main course 24/7.

Enjoying stereotypical American food (pizza, burgers, and pasta) is not an everyday thing. The school offers salads, wraps, fruit, and healthy drinks. Just because the ‘rents aren’t there doesn’t mean I don’t care about my health.

4. Stress and anxiety is more than real.

College is honestly all about the grown up life. I wash my own dishes, I clean my own clothes, I study and do homework, I find time to work-out, etc. It’s a crazy life out there and sometimes stress and anxiety do power over me. Just because I call on an okay day does not mean all my days are okay.


5. Not every person has a “sorority-like” friendship.

As a college student I’m not looking for hundreds of friends to hang out with. I’m lucky enough to find just one true college friend.


6. A college student doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect student.

There are so many things going on in the world that I honestly won’t get caught up on until a week later because of school. I feel that as college students we are portrayed as smart individuals that have it all together; that’s the least of the truth.

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7. Grades are not everything like they used to be.

I may cry here and there about not doing well on an exam, but in the end, it’s JUST a grade. I’m not going to put myself down, just because of a letter grade; it does not define who I am as a student.

8. College helps me figure out life.

College isn’t only about academics, it’s all about gaining experiences, learning new things, and so much more. By having an open mind and putting myself out there I learn more about who I am and who I want to be.


9. I’m still very much attached to my home beliefs.

Being far away from home and not being told what to do may make you think I’m doing whatever I want. Truth is, bringing a piece of home with me makes me feel better once at college.

10. Being far away at college does not mean I don’t miss you.

You’ve kept me under your wing for many years! How could I not miss you when I’m off at college. Every night that I go to bed I can’t help but dream about being in my own bedroom; waking up the next morning to see my homemade breakfast and being touched by your goodbye blessing!

What do you wish your parents understood about college life? Share in the comments!

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