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10 Things I Will Miss About Ohio State University This Summer

Spring Break has just ended for me, and while I spent an entire week of relaxing and not stressing over due dates and required readings, I found myself missing many things from my other home: Ohio State University. Missing these when I was out for just a week makes me think about what will happen in a few months, when summer break is upon us. So I compiled a list of the 10 things I will surely miss the most while on break!

1. Mirror Lake Creamery

This place is Heaven on Earth when speaking about university food. I have a meal plan, which is why I spend so much time eating on campus and this place has a special spot in my heart. From their signature Mirror Lake Mac burger to their absolutely delicious chocolate milkshakes, this place is the reason I cannot commit to a diet.

2. The RPAC

I may be a bit of a hypocrite with this one considering I do not exercise that much in it, but as the main recreative center on campus, it’s got amazing perks even for the lazy, like myself, such as a hot tub, smoothies, and some really good pasta. And the fact that motivated people go and exercise is a good vibe that I should be following myself.

3. My Friends

The only reason my girls are not in the first spot is because even while I’m in a different state far from them during vacations, I can barely miss their presence. They make sure to stay connected all the time (thank you, iMessage and Snapchat) but somedays, I wish to be able to hug them and laugh together at the Creamery with milkshakes, puns, and videos of cute animals. It’s scary to think that, during the school year, a 10 minute walk will let me be around them but during break, an 8 hour travel by plane would be required to be able to hug them.

4. The ability to go anywhere, whenever, and however I want.

I don’t need a car on campus to get to the places I enjoy going to, and I don’t have to leave my friend’s dorm, for example, before 7 so I can safely get back to my own. Freedom of movement is very important to me, and back at home it’s harder because everything and everyone are far from the town I am from.

5. Thompson Library

Sue me, I am a nerd. And while I can’t say I enjoy studying for a grade, I do enjoy the place I choose to do so and that one is, of course, our campus’ main library. Whether I need a quiet space, or a busier scene for when I need some noise to focus (weird, it does happen sometimes,) Thompson is the place I spend the most time at. It will be weird to be away from it for so long when it’s already another home to me.

6. The Pools at the RPAC

I was born and raised on an Island, and water to swim at is, to me, almost as important as the oxygen that keeps me alive. Swimming is the only activity where I feel connected with myself, in a space where the only thing that matters is to keep going forward. The pools at the RPAC are indoor, which is pretty convenient, and it allows me to swim no matter how cold or warm it’s outside. They truly are a blessing, a blessing I will miss with all my heart until I come back from break.

7. Binge Watching

For some reason, I am able to find time to binge watch even with my busy schedules and hard classes (I am looking at you, Chemistry and Calculus) and these times are precious to me. I rarely binge watch back at home because I’ve missed my parents, family, and friends so much I’d rather just spend the entire summer with them and leave my binging sessions for the semester when I need to relax and forget exams are a thing.

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…And don’t forget Insomnia Cookies for your binging sessions.

8. The Pad

Many will argue that this is not the best meal service our university offers BUT it is when you are a lazy girl on Friday night, want food delivered to your dorm, and want to use your meal plan instead of extra cash. In that scenario, The Pad is a savior.

9. Shouting “O-H” and having anyone shout back “I-O”

Students in this school are proud to be a part of it and usually you will get the response if the prompt is shouted, but driving to a town far from campus and being able to spot OSU fans by shouting “O-H” like a maniac is truly an experience I love going through every time. It makes me think how lucky I am for attending this school.

10. The Olentangy River Trail

Beautiful scenery, puppies walking with their owners, relaxing by walking with friends or alone, letting your thoughts trail off and having time for yourself are some of the reasons why this place is one of my favorite spots on campus.

What else will you miss about Ohio State University this summer? Comment below and share this article with a friend!
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