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10 Things I Will Miss Most About Meredith College Over the Summer

10 Things I Will Miss Most About Meredith College Over the Summer

With my freshman year approaching its end, it’s hard to believe I’ve been at Meredith College for as long as I have. It seems like just yesterday I was juggling through orientation week and the Big Sis/Little Sis Reveal. Through all of the late night library study sessions, essay writing, and event planning, I wouldn’t change my college experience for anything else in the world. When I pack up my things and return home, here are some things I will miss most about Meredith College over the summer.

1. The Fruit-Infused Water

Before I came to college, I never bought fruit infused water, but now I can’t stop drinking it! My personal favorite is the cucumber water, but the oranges and lemons can add a little tang to your otherwise boring flavored water. If you’re lucky, you may even find strawberry water on the days when the dining hall staff decides to bless our taste buds!


2. Bible Study

Whether you’re affiliated with RUF, CRU, InterVarsity, or another religious organization, there are all kinds of groups to strengthen your faith. Tuesday nights with my Bible study are something I look forward to every week because they not only allow me to grow closer to God, but with the girls in my study as well. Although I’ll continue to pray and read God’s word, I’m definitely going to miss seeing them each week.


3. Walks on the Greenway

With a nice view of the Meredith Lake and traffic zooming under the overpass, the Greenway is a perfect location to fit in some daily exercise and escape the stress of the week. I can’t get those views anywhere else, so I’ll soak them in while there’s still time!

4. Parlor Socials

Whether it be cheering on Kate Peacock in the Miss America Pageant, watching the Bachelor, decorating Christmas cookies, or making bows for Cornhuskin’, there always seems to be fun activities happening in the parlors. I’m sure going to miss socializing with all of my hallmates and the new friends I’ve made on campus during the week!


5. The Beehive Sandwich Shop

Personally, I love the fresh, homemade aspect of the Sandwich Shop. I can’t get enough of the grilled chicken wraps and paninis. I appreciate how convenient it was to grab lunch on my way to class instead of having to drive somewhere!


6. The T-Shirt Sales

Even though these leave a hole in my wallet, I’m always willing to contribute to the fundraisers for the organizations on campus. It’s exciting for me to buy a new shirt and wear it around so that I can show off my school spirit. Wearing my shirts around the house all summer will probably make me want to buy more, but for now, I’ll stock up while I can!

7. Cornhuskin’ Practice

I met so many great girls dancing in a dimly lit parking lot than I wouldn’t have otherwise. Seeing my class come together to celebrate a huge tradition is something I’ll always be proud of. Although summer nights are some of the best nights, I’ll definitely thinking about those late fall nights whenever I hear “Shake It Off” on the radio.


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8. The Diversity on Campus

Although Meredith doesn’t have nearly as many students as most universities, I feel like I see a new face on campus every day. I’ve learned so much about different cultures and ethnicities through the events and talks that Meredith sponsors, something I don’t necessarily see in a small town.


9. The Empowering Atmosphere

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a student at Meredith, it’s how to be a strong, independent woman. Seeing the girls in my classes who are willing to learn from each other inspires me to do the same. The absence of motivation from my classmates will definitely make going to my summer job that much harder!


10. Hillsborough Street Shops

Hillsborough Street is full of shops I had never visited before coming to Meredith, but now they seem like a regular occurrence. I will forever be grateful for Insomnia Cookie deliveries and Bruegger’s Bagels breakfast runs.


At the end of the day, I got lost in Wonderland and I couldn’t be more grateful for the things I’ve learned so far! I can’t wait to come back to MereCo in the fall!

What else do you/will you miss about Meredith College over the summer? Comment below and share this post with your friends!
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