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10 Things I Will Miss About Ball State Over The Summer

The school year is coming to a close here at Ball State and after spending nine months here, we are all headed home for the next three. Campus has truly become my home away from home. I think we can all agree that Ball State has a special place in our hearts, and we will miss it this summer. Here are the top 10 things I’ll miss.

1. Scramble Light

Being able to walk through the intersection in any direction is amazing, and when I go home for the summer I will most likely try to do this at other stoplights and it will not go well.

2. Quad

Having such a chill outdoor space is so nice; at home the only outdoor space like this is at parks, which are overrun with children. So I will definitely miss the peacefulness of the quad. Laying out and doing homework there is one of my favorite things; although let’s be honest, I just pretend to do homework there.

3. Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Insomnia Cookies

Having amazing food right next door is one of the best things about Ball State. I get Starbucks and Jamba Juice all the time. I will definitely miss this convenience, plus having an Insomnia Cookies in the village (that delivers!).

4. Free Bus Rides

Paying for gas is going to be the worst thing this summer. Riding free on the Muncie busses has been an amazing money saver, and will be missed greatly.

5. Something Always Going On

Campus is always buzzing; there is literally always something happening. There is no excuse for being bored at Ball State.

6. Friday Night Film Works

Free movies every Friday? Need I say more?

7. Frog Baby All Dressed Up

Walking past frog baby and seeing it all dressed up instantly puts a smile on my face. Frog baby is every student’s baby, and seeing people take care of it is so cute.

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8. Snapchat Filters

My Snapchat at home won’t be the same. I take pride in our filters and will miss them this summer.

9. The Rec Center

A free gym is amazing. After college we will never have this opportunity again. I will definitely miss this while I am paying for a gym membership.

10. Ball State Gear

I can literally wear a Ball State shirt every day without judgement here. I could wear a whole Ball State outfit if I wanted to. This summer I might have to pick another ensemble.

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Brie Ryan

Brie Ryan is studying at Ball State University and is majoring in Actuarial Science. However, her passion is in blogging. She loves all things beauty, fashion, and college related.

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