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10 Things We Miss From the 2000s

10 Things We Miss From the 2000s

1. Silly Bandz

They were definitely an addiction of mine in middle school, but of course they got banned when the boys started flicking everyone with the rubber band. These colorful bracelets took control in the 2007, which believe it or not was 8 years ago…Geez, does time flies.

funny silly bandz

2. Justin Bieber

Let’s be honest. We ALL sang the song “Baby” when it made its debut on the radio. As many people say they dislike him, we can’t deny that his songs are incredibly catchy. I kind of actually like some of his current songs, even though my friends can’t stand him. He really did rule the 2000s, though. Remember the flocks of girls crying for him? I couldn’t even believe it back then…still can’t now.


young Justin Bieber

3. MySpace

Remember the “Top 8?” If I wasn’t on my friends’ Top 8, we weren’t friends anymore. Ridiculous. However, I really did love playing around with the editing features to make the page look nice, and the fact that you could add music – awesome. I actually learned a little html from editing my MySpace themes. And I think we can all agree this was where we learned our internet stalking skills.

MySpace is dead


4. Auto-Tune

Auto-tune had its 15 seconds of fame in the 2000s, thanks to T-Pain who began using auto-tune as an artistic feature in his songs. I must admit – the results were extremely catchy!

Lil Wayne meme

5. Hannah Montana

We all deny it now, but we definitely watched Hannah Montana and loved when Miley would switch characters. Rip Hannah Montana. It all ended in 2011.


Hannah Montana

6. The Jonas Brothers

You either hated or loved them. For me – true love.

Jonas Brothers



After school or on the weekend, we all logged in to AOL and IMed each other (Instant Message for all those who doesn’t know).  😉

funny facebook post

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8. iPod Nanos

I always wanted one but wasn’t allowed, so I just used my friends. I end up getting the iPod Shuttle, the tiny little square version and then upgraded to the iPod touch in 2009! Wow, that was 6 years ago!

rang of ipod nano

9. Heelys

I was a proud supporter of the Heelys, although I could never get the hang of the wheel part, so I just took it out. Guess I wasn’t cool like everyone else (haha).


heelys video

10. Drake & Josh

I was amazed at how gorgeous Josh looked when he lost the weight. Good for him. Drake may have been the cutie on the show, but now Josh has got the spotlight!

Drake and Josh


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