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10 Things About the University of Alabama That I Will Miss Over the Summer

10 Things About the University of Alabama That I Will Miss Over the Summer

Much will be missed about the University of Alabama this summer. Especially these 10 things in particular!

1. The Campus Itself

The University of Alabama has been listed as one of the most beautiful campuses in the U.S. on multiple occasions. On a nice fall or spring day nothing beats taking a walk around the quad or down by the river. As excited as I am for summer, I can’t say I won’t miss seeing the overall beauty of the campus every day.

2. The Bus System (Well, kinda)

We all have a love/hate relationship with the bus system. It’s great for those days you just can’t function so riding a bus cuts down on you using your maximum amount of energy, but sometimes they can be misleading. A bus driver won’t always be on time and sometimes waiting for a bus makes you late for your class. Also, I can speak for us all when I say how long it took to figure out the different routes. However, the convenience of it will be truly missed and not having to use my own car and gas will not be fun over the summer.


3. The Convenience of the Dining Hall

This is yet another love/hate relationship. Dining halls can usually be a hit or miss. They’re either great or they absolutely suck. But you can’t deny, the convenience of just being able to have unlimited meal swipes and eating whenever you feel like it is pretty nice and not having that over the summer is going to be detrimental to our wallets.

4. Bama Cash and Dining Dollars

We have all burned through one or both of these at some point or another. But just like the convenience of the dining halls, the convenience of using dining dollars or Bama Cash for everything will be dearly missed. It becomes second nature to just whip out your ACT card try to use it wherever you go. It also becomes absolute tyranny for any place to not accept Bama Cash.

5. My Sorority

We have gotten so used to seeing our group of friends every day. Having everyone in one central location whether it be the house or class is a luxury that we won’t get to keep over the summer for those of us who aren’t staying on campus over summer. All the days and nights spent at those houses will forever be in our memories as some of the best nights of our college experience.


6. The Freedom

Coming to college means no parents to tell you what you can and can’t do. For most of us that is a big deal. We don’t have our parents looking over our shoulder 24/7 and we have a real chance to think for ourselves and get an idea of what it is like to be an adult. It is a big test and nothing beats making your parents proud of you. Over the summer however, it might be difficult to remember some of us still have to live under our parents roof’s again…which means they’ll probably try to implement the same old high school rules but of course we’re real life adults now so they should understand right?

7. The Nightlife

Some of the best nights at the University of Alabama can be experienced out on the strip during the weekend. Whether it’s at Rounders, Shakers, or Galletes you are guaranteed to have a fun night. Some people’s hometowns aren’t as lucky to have such fun places to party so for all you guys, I’m here to tell you it will be rough over the summer trying to find something to do when all you want to do is rave…

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8. Seeing My Friends

You have become accustomed to being with your BFF’s every minute of every day. Finding your niche in college is a big part of the whole experience and just the thought of leaving them for 3 months is too much to think about. Having a bestfriend that lives states away can be a true test of friendship and some people might not have what it takes. But, if you can continue a friendship with someone from a long distance, you know it’s real.

9. Raising Canes at 1 AM

This is almost a right of passage at UA. When you are out late, whether it be a long night of studying or a fun game day weekend, Raising Canes in Paty Hall is a blessing. They stay open super late and it’s an easy walk from most of the dorms. Over the summer, some people won’t be able to fix their Canes carvings and this might be a difficult situation to overcome.

10. Hearing “Roll Tide” 24/7

Something you have to expect going to a huge SEC college like Alabama is that we have the best, most passionate school spirit. People will say “roll tide” to just about anything. Getting an A on a test, good weather, or even getting a good parking spot the term “roll tide” is a verb, a noun, and an adjective here on campus. Leaving that behind might be the hardest thing to do over the summer because nowhere else in the world can have the amount of school spirit that UA has (but chances are you’ll probably be saying it every chance you get at home too, and even though some may not understand it, it holds a special place in your heart).

What else will you miss about the University of Alabama over the summer? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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