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10 Things To Do In College Before You Graduate

A lot can happen during your time at college. Along with getting an education, you will get to have these crazy escapades with some new companions. It is a time when you are no longer a child with restrictions, but you are not yet an adult who has a 9 to 5 job. You are in the sweet spot of freedom that makes college one of the most memorable times of your life. That is why you should make the most of your time at college. You may end up in a routine that you follow for most of your four years. While routines can be comfortable, they can also get pretty static. That is why you need to take some chances when in college. Try new things and be a little risky. If you think something sounds kind of intriguing, then just do it. There are so many opportunities in college that you might not be offered again, so you should take advantage of them now. These are some things you should make sure to do in college before you toss your cap, along with the obvious thing, have fun.

1. Sign Up For A Unique Class

It is possible you have most of your classes at college mapped out. You have classes that cover your major and minor as well as some general education requirements. Even if you have a plan for everything, you should branch out a bit. College is filled with so many exciting and unique classes across a large variety of curriculums. That means there might be some classes that interest you, but you may not be into the whole curriculum. That doesn’t mean you can’t take it. So what if it doesn’t fulfill any requirement? As long as it makes you happy and you feel that you are learning a lot, that is what matters. That is what college is all about. So before you graduate, try to take one class outside of your plan just for fun. You will be doing some exploring and you will get to learn about a thrilling new subject.

2. Go To A Campus Event

When you start out college, you may go to some orientation week events. After that, you may not want to go to many of the events. Maybe you feel you are too busy or you think that the events are too cheesy. Whatever your usual reasons are, they shouldn’t stop you from going to an event once. It is just some harmless fun that is meant to be a little cheesy. These events may not be the relaxed nights that you are used to, but that just makes them a refreshing change of pace. There could be a wide variety of events that your school offers. There could be movie nights, bingo tournaments, carnival games, relay races, and more. The activity boards worked hard on them so you should try to have fun at one of them. You could even go with some friends and have corny time together. If you let yourself chill, you might have some actual fun. So your college some support and try a goofy little event.

3. Go To A Party

Partying is not for everyone. While some people like to go crazy, other people prefer a quiet night in. And those nights can be very healthy. However, why not step outside your comfort zone? You will be in college for four years, you can afford to spend one of your nights at a party. You might learn some things about yourself. You could meet new people, play some games, and just let loose. This is a night where you can lose inhibitions for once and get loud. Partying is basically a college ritual at this point. Even if you do not go to a school with a reputation for partying, you will be able to find one. Try to go with a couple of friends to maintain a buddy system. There’s a chance that the party confirms what you already know and you leave after ten minutes. The point is that you went and you got to see this for yourself. Don’t forget, you only live once.

4. Sign Up For A Club

You may be pretty busy when you are in college. There are classes, homework, hanging out with friends, and obviously sleeping. All of this means you might feel like you don’t have time for anything else. However, you should have a little time to squeeze in a club or two. Most colleges offer a lot of clubs that each pertain to a certain interest. There is a good chance that one of your interests has a club. If that’s the case, you should give that club a shot. Even if you only discover that club in your senior year, you should still try it out. Clubs are a great way to meet some awesome people and have amazing discussions about shared interests. It is also possible you may see a club about a topic that you are curious about but you have never dived deep into it. Now is your chance. You shouldn’t have the same routine everyday of schoolwork and always seeing the same people. No matter when it happens, try to join a club before you graduate to get that experience of camaraderie. It is time to enjoy a new experience and make lovely connections.

5. Go Into The City

If your college has a campus set up, you might not actually leave your campus all that much. You figure that you have everything you need on this campus and that you r weeks are always busy, so what’s the point of leaving? It is probably best if you get off of your campus every once in a while. Try to see people other than your classmates and restaurants that are not catered by dining hall staff. There might be a little college town nearby, but it is nice to go into the actual city. Most colleges have a real city that is not that far away. So you should get some friends together and plan a day where you just explore the city. It will be a great outing for you and your friends, like a mini adventure. You can take a quick break from the monotony of college and have a fun day out. Plus, you may never be near this city again if you move after college, so take advantage of your closeness. Step out of that school life and join the buzz of the big city.

6. Introduce Yourself To New People

This may be kind of a given in college, but people mostly think about it when they first get to college. Once you have your core group of friends, you may feel settled. While you may have a great group, that does not mean you should stop meeting people. You are never too old to make friends. You could be in your senior year and already know a lot of people, but if you still see someone that looks cool, introduce yourself. There are plenty of places you might meet people. They could be in your classes, in the dining hall, at the library, and so many more places. A new friend can always be just around the corner. It is also possible that you meet someone and that ends up being the only time you two talk. That doesn’t mean you wasted time and that you should stop meeting people. It means you took a chance and there will always be people out there. You can never have too many friends, so get out there and go meet some awesome people.

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7. Attend A Sports Game

It is time to show some school spirit. You should be a little proud of the college that you decide to attend. Why not show off that pride at a sports game? You might not be the person who generally likes sports or you don’t know anyone on the teams so you have never seen the need to go. Even if those things are true, you should still try to explore your school’s sports scene at least once. There are many different types of sports environments at colleges. You may be in a gym similar to your high school, or a gym similar to what the professionals use. Either way, those gyms can be an important part of your school. The teams represent your college and are trying to show that they are a college worth rooting for. Go with some pals and spend a day with a crowd of your peers cheering on your team. You will get to have this feeling of community with some people that you may not know. At the end of the day, you will be sharing your love and gratitude for your college, and that is a beautiful representation of your college experience.

8. Go On A Spring Break Vacation

You have probably heard of the old trope of a spring break vacation. A bunch of college friends going to a beach and just going crazy for a week. It may sound a little wild, but that doesn’t have to be the spring break vacation for you. There are so many different types of trips you could go on. The point of going on a trip during spring break is to have a wonderful time with your friends outside of school. Most of your other breaks in the school year have family obligations due to holidays. Spring break does not have that. You can go anywhere with your friends. You could go on a road trip, to an amusement park, to a festival, or you could have the traditional beach experience. As long as you can all agree, you are sure to have a great time. The freedom of these breaks won’t last forever, so make the most of them now.

9. Do Some Internships

College is going to help set you up for your future. You will be taking the skills and experience that you gain during this time and apply it to your future jobs. That is why applying and working at some internships is important. This can be your entrance into the working world and the beginning of your dream career. Internships will not always pay you, but you will be able to have some experience to put on your resume. You can do them during the summer between school years or you can do them in the spring and/or fall concurrently with your classes. Always be on the lookout for internships being offered in your desired field. You can look online, or your college might have a career center that can help you with what you need. Maybe do a couple before you graduate so you are extra ready for what lies ahead. These will be important for the long run and your future self will thank you.

10. Have A Food Delivery and Film Night

Cherish the friends that you make in college. You are all going through this thrilling experience together and are creating a bond. Once college is over, you may all go your separate ways and live your grown up lives. That means you have to take advantage of the time you have now to have some fun. That is why you need to have one night together where you can all just chill and veg out. You won’t have to worry about anything and just have some mindless times. Set up a guilty pleasure film to watch on one of your laptops, or television if that is available. Order some food to be delivered to one of your rooms, like pizza or Chinese food. Maybe also stock up on some snacks from your local convenience store. Put on some pajamas, and you guys now have a night where you can just be carefree and laugh for hours. You may not have time for these entertaining nights in your future, so enjoy times with your friends now. Make some memories of happy times with your friends that you can look fondly back on forever.

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