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10 Things To Do Before College Move-In Day

10 Things To Do Before College Move-In Day

A dream come true/nightmare. Whether it’s your first time moving into the dorms or you’ve experience this before, college move-in day is fun, but it can also be very stressful. To make the whole process more enjoyable here are a few things to do before college move-in day that will help smooth your transition into dorm life.

To make moving more enjoyable here are a few tips that will help you smooth your transition.

1. Get in touch with your roommates.

Most schools usually let you know who your roommates will be ahead of time. If you have that opportunity, contact them! You will see them everyday for the next year, so make the effort to have an idea of who they are before moving in. Also, decide who will bring what, you don’t want to end up with two microwaves and no glasses.


Get in touch with your roommates


2. Double check housing arrangements.

This includes making sure your financial aid goes through. You can check it online or call your campus. You want to make sure everything has been processed before college move-in day. Also, be prepared with any documents or forms you might need.


Double check housing arrangements.

3. Review school policies and guidelines.

You might want to take your dog with you or your favorite scented candles to campus, but have you check the school policies? Try not to show up with things that you probably can’t have. Save yourself the trouble of having to return your personal items by finding out what isn’t allowed in the dorms. The school’s housing website will usually have a list.

Review school policies and guidelines.


4. Get insurance.

I cannot stress this enough! Even if you think you won’t need it, having insurance is a must. You never know what could happen; getting insurance will give you a little peace of mind, just in case. School housing usually provides an insurance contract so, look into it!

Get insurance.

5. Keep important documents safe.

Don’t let the excitement overtake your focus and allow you to forget to bring important documents and information you need in your new place. Keep a designated folder for all of this information including bank account numbers, birth certificate, passport, insurance card, social security number, valid ID, etc.


Keep important documents safe.

6. Do an intense back to school shopping.

Be prepared to do a large and intense back to school shopping spree. You will need more than your usual pack of pens and notebooks. Get room essentials like a desk lamp, shower caddy, laundry bag, water pitcher, sheets, pillows, a drawer, hangers, maybe even a mini fridge, a fan, etc.

7. Start updating your address.

This might just be me, but if you want to get care packages ASAP, give your college address to your closest friends and family.


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8. Pack wisely.

You don’t need to take everything you own. It’s hard to pick and choose, but try to take just the essentials with you. If you are starting college in the fall and plan to go home for Christmas, you just need clothes for one season. As a tip, try to invest in a suitcase with wheels, it will make it easier to carry your things around campus.

Pack wisely.

9. Make a schedule.

The first week of college is packed with activities and events you’ll want to attend. They usually offer free food and it’s a great way to meet new people. Avoid being overwhelmed with all the events and choose a couple you really want to go to. Remember, you’ll also what to set time aside to arrange your room.


10.  Enjoy your hometown.

Leaving for college is a good excuse to do the thing you love in your hometown or city, so take it all in. Go to your favorite places, eat local food, go out with your friends and family. It will be a while before you go back home.

Try to follow these tips before college move-in day and don’t worry if everything is not perfect the first few days. Have fun and meet new people, in the end, that’s what college is all about.


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