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10 Things That Happen Every Time You Visit Home

10 Things That Happen Every Time You Visit Home

Somehow, no matter if it’s your first winter break of college, or a quick weekend trip to get off campus – every time you visit home during your college years, there are 10 things that happen. Every. Single. Time.

1. You show up late, which makes everybody mad – even though you probably just got stuck in traffic.

2. You walk into your room to find it completely rearranged.

3. Your family asks you why you’re still single, and you have to explain more than once that you’re perfectly happy being alone.

4. You have to convince everybody, yet again, that you’re not moving back home.

5. Your family starts playing the guilt trip as you’re walking out the door to make it to your long-awaited hair appointment.

6. At some point, you get in an argument with you family and swear you’ll never visit home again.

7. Any night out at a bar or a house party turns into one giant high school reunion.

8. Before you leave your parents, you stock you up with more food than you know what to do with.

9. You keep postponing your departure so you don’t have to go back to real life.

10. As you leave, you’re already planning your next trip home because you ‘secretly’ your family and know there’s no place like home.

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