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10 Things That Are NOT True About Sorority Life

10 Things That Are NOT True About Sorority Life


People have a lot of expectations when it comes to sorority life. I know I did. Before going through rush and joining my sorority, I definitely thought being in Greek life would be a certain way…a certain stereotypical way. But as soon as I got in, I realized what sorority life was really like (awesome)…and more importantly, NOT like. Here are 10 common misconceptions about sorority life.

1. It’s just like the movies.

Actually it’s not like the movies. Like at all. There aren’t a bunch of scantily clad blondies (although there are plenty of normally dressed blondies, brunetties, reddies…you get the idea) with bitchy attitudes and crazy egos. There are a ton of great girls with great personalities!

2. There’s a clear hierarchy of power.

Nope, not true. Everyone typically gets along and are all treated equal. We’re like a giant family, so of course sometimes there are spats, but we always make up and end up loving on each other again.



3. There are constant cat fights.

You would never think that a huge bunch of girls who are all individually different would get along so well, but we do. Somehow, some way we all mesh together in a perfect harmony of strange, hodge-podge wonderfulness. And it makes every moment exciting and fun, even when we’re studying or just watching a movie.

4. There are huge rivalries.

Again, no (at least not usually). Just some innocent competition every once in awhile.


5. We only hang out with people in Greek life.

We all have tons of friends outside of the Greek community but it’s only natural that we spend a lot of time with our friends in Greek life; we do live and sleep and eat together – so that makes sense I think.


6. We only date frat guys.

Not. True. At. All.


7. We don’t do our homework.

Actually we do our homework every single night…and we get good grades too, everyone! We don’t spend our entire lives at school partying. Greek systems usually have higher GPAs than dorm life on campus.

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8. Philanthropy is just something we have to do.

Philanthropy is actually really important and close to our hearts. For Delta Delta Delta, we support St. Jude, and it’s literally one of the most meaningful things for us as a house!


9. It’s a jungle of naked pillow fights.

You don’t do that at home with your blood sisters, so why would we do that with the sisters we chose? Weird.

10. Sorority sisters secretly hate each other.

Couldn’t be further from the truth. We all love one another no matter what. Like I said, the house that you’re in is like a family that you chose, so you love them with all your heart.

There are a lot of other parts of sorority life in general that I could write about; the list kind of just goes on and on. The important idea that everyone should take from this article though is this: don’t go into something with preconceived ideas about what it should be like. Usually it’s not like that at all, and if you go in already judging the experience, you won’t truly experience it, you know?

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