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10 Things Students Do But Will Never Admit

For many of us, going to college marks our transition from incompetent kids to successful adults. We imagine ourselves becoming more organized, gaining maturity, and learning to balance our hectic lives with ease. But that’s not always the case. We’re still struggling to get a grip and secretly indulging in the little bad habits we thought would be long gone by now. If you’ve ever wondered if you’re the only one with a little black book of slip-ups and blunder, you’re not! Here’s a list of 10 things we’ve all done in college but will never admit.


Made up an excuse for missing class

As important as attendance is for passing a class, sometimes it’s so hard to drag yourself out of bed. What’s easy? Telling your professor that Nana died. Just don’t go overboard. Not only will your professor get suspicious, but your grade will probably suffer. Go to class.


Pretended to be more experienced

When you’re surrounded by tons of new and interesting people, it’s not hard to start feeling kind of, well, lame. All the kids of your English class have read Voltaire, and it seems like everyone has had sex at least once before. We’ve all told a little white lie here and there to fit in, but be careful, dishonesty can open doors that aren’t as easily closed. If you don’t drink alcohol, signing up for a beer pong tournament isn’t a good place to be or to start drinking.


Crushed on a professor

Professor Clark is a balding, grey, 56 year old with stubborn nose hairs and no sense of humor. He talks too slow, and mentions his obese tabby cat, Lulu, at least twice a lesson. His suit is always wrinkled, he sometimes spits when he talks, and his quizzes are way too complicated. Professor Clark makes your heart flutter. This secret will die with you.

Stopped eating right

College might be the only place where eating junk food stops being fun. When all you’ve got to eat is ramen and gummy bears, a balanced meal seems almost seem heaven-sent. Somewhere between your empty stomach, full schedule, and starving bank account, you’ll grow to appreciate your mother’s brussel sprout and liver casserole. Still, it doesn’t matter if you’re constipated and breaking out every other day; you can never admit that. Ever.

Used a roomie’s things without permission

You swear you don’t usually disrespect other’s belongings, but if you ran out of toothpaste, or have been wanting to try that shampoo, or forgot to buy more milk, it’s okay, right? I mean, she’s probably touching your stuff too, right?

Hooked up with someone and regretted it

We’ve all looked back at an old flame and wondered, “What the hell was I thinking?” Whether the heat lasted a year or a night, some romantic encounters are best forgotten. If he hasn’t told anyone, neither will you. If he has, you’ll just shrug it off as NBD. In your defense, he seemed a lot cooler before he took his pants off.


Skipped a shower (or two)

You’re on your toes all semester, but around midterms and finals, life becomes especially hectic. So hectic that you might stay up for two days and forget to look after yourself in the process. It’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Just keep the hugs to a minimum.

Skipped doing laundry

Even though you’ve been double-wearing shirts, that pile of clothes in the corner just grows bigger and more intimidating by the day. You’ve even resorted to washing underwear in the sink. It’s time to throw in the towel (literally).

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Kept parents in the dark

When you first start college (especially if you’ve gone away to school) your parents will probably be checking on you constantly. No matter how excited you are to tell them about your new life, chances are you won’t let them in on everything. They don’t need to know that you’ve been staying up late before class and letting your S/O sleep over. Ignorance is bliss.


Felt scared about firsts

We all fear of the unknown but most people will never admit it. The first day of class is always scary, first time you meet your roommates, what if they don’t like you? Your first exam in college, maybe you’ll fail. As cool as we pretend to look, school comes with natural scary things and it’s okay. You probably think that you are the only one feeling a little terrified but EVERYONE is in some way.



Kendra Michonet

Kendra is an English major at St. John's University, totally embracing life as a student and finding herself along the way.

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