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10 Things To Do After SJU Graduation

10 Things To Do After SJU Graduation

Now that you’ve graduated, reality is beginning to set in that you’re actually out in the real world. But before you get too overwhelmed thinking about that, set aside some time for yourself and take our advice! Keep reading for the 10 things you absolutely must do after graduating from St. John’s.

1. Take a vacation.

Buy a plane ticket to a beautiful resort in another country or on an island. After all the hard work you put in as an undergrad, you deserve a vacation. Ask some friends to join you for even more fun. And if you’re looking to relax alone, don’t forget to add a spa day to your trip!

2. Celebrate and throw a party.

You can finally celebrate the way you want, without campus restrictions. Invite everyone you know to join you as you celebrate all of your accomplishments. Some people might bring grad gifts, you never know!


3. Invest in your passion.

Love photography? Sign up for a class and perfect your skills. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take swimming lessons, but you didn’t have time to during the semester. Now is the time to invest in other things you like to do. If you’re good at it, you may be able to turn it into a job and get paid for it. Why not start today?

4. Enroll in grad school.

If you’re interested in pursuing a field other than what you studied as an undergrad or you want to concentrate on a specific major to complement your B.A. degree, enroll in grad school to get you on your way. The process isn’t as scary as some people think. SJU also offers Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships as you earn your degree. You could work in the department relevant to your degree, by applying here.

5. Work at St. John’s University.

If you’ll still be in New York for the summer, there are jobs on campus you can apply for to earn some extra money!



6. Travel abroad for a few weeks.

Did studying abroad as an undergrad pique your interest to travel more? If you have the extra money, book a trip back to Europe or anywhere abroad for a few weeks and fill up your passport before committing to obligations or a job. Enjoy your summer!

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7. Secure an internship or entry level position.

Start putting those skills to work and show the world what you’re capable of! An internship or entry level position helps you jumpstart your career. Some fields require experience rather than just your degree. For example, Public Relations firms and agencies seek students who’ve had 1+ years of experience to demonstrate their skill.

8. Keep networking!

Meeting new people even after you graduate can help you excel in your career. You might even meet someone who can help get your foot in the door to where you’ve always wanted to work!

9. Connect on LinkedIn

Connecting with professionals in your field may create huge opportunities for you. It’s okay if you connect with people you don’t know well because it helps people discover you and drives more traffic to your profile.


10. Volunteer

We all know as Johnnies, that St. John’s University is committed to community service. Continue serving others and reap the benefits of:

  • Personal growth and self esteem

  • Giving back to your community

  • Saving resources

  • Strengthening your faith

  • Making a difference in the world

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