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10 Things Only Sorority Girls Understand

10 Things Only Sorority Girls Understand

As a member of a sorority, you will experience things that are no non-sorority friend could ever fully understand. While you love your independent friends, only your sisters can truly relate to you when it comes to your sorority excitement. Here is a list of things that only sorority girls understand.

1. The joy when you met your big/little!

Meeting your other half is exciting! As a little, you wait and hope that you get the sister that you will truly bond with. As a big, you spend countless hours and money to spoil your little with cute crafts and sorority gifts. It’s like Christmas, but more exciting!


I adore my big/little relationship


2. “Throw what you know.”

Who doesn’t want to throw up their sorority hand sign? It represents who you are! I throw mine up whenever I can…I probably do it in my sleep without knowing!

Always throw up your signs whenever you can


3. Never drink in your letters.

This is a huge deal. We all know that “drinking in your letters,” aka drinking while wearing sorority gear, is never a good idea.

Is she really drinking in her letters?

4. The annoyance of “you pay for your friends.”

This is probably the most common thing that we hear on a daily basis. It’s so wrong and irritating. The response to this always goes something along the lines of, “We pay so that our sorority can function.”


I didn't pay enough for my friends, if I did

5. “Did you get hazed?”

Now why would anyone go through a process that involves hazing just to be in a group? Yes, it sounds stupid, but we hear it all the time.

No we don't get hazed!


6. The art of crafting.

There is crafting, and there is sorority crafting. I have never known crafting until being in a sorority. Yes, it is as extreme as everyone thinks it is. And no, we don’t sit around our house every night crafting.

Crafting is so cool!

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7. GPA = important.

Keeping your GPA up is important. I know that GPA is important for everyone, but no one really wants to pay for formal and be told that their GPA is too low to go.

GPA is important!

8. Time management is key in a sorority.

If you are not in a sorority, chances are you don’t really understand time management, at least to the extent that we do. But, when you are part of an organization that plans fundraising events, has weekly meetings, sisterhood events and mixers with other fraternities, you better know how to finish a paper, have time to eat, get to your meeting and philanthropy events and get to class on time in one given week. That doesn’t happen without time management.


Know how to manage you time

9. You have a new love for t-shirts.

Yep, constantly getting t-shirts is as awesome as it sound, and when you’re in a sorority you get one for each and every occasion.  Fraternity’s events, fundraiser events, homecoming, fraternity formals, the list is endless and so is the swag!

Sorority shirts are so cute


10. The excitement of formal.

Who didn’t love prom? Well we did and we have a similar event every year that involves the same things such as getting to wear fancy dresses and bringing a date. It’s sort of like reliving high school prom, but at a more mature level.

Sorority formal is like a high school prom but
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