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10 Things Only Procrastinators at ESU Understand

10 Things Only Procrastinators at ESU Understand

As a fellow procrastinator at ESU, I know the struggle we face: To be productive or not to be productive. Well fellow dawdlers, take a break from your school work (as we all know you are so good at doing already) and keep reading for 10 things only procrastinators at ESU understand!


1. The fear of failure only increases our procrastinating tendencies.

Sometimes, people fear that they may bomb, so that fear keeps them from trying anyways and accomplishing their goals.

2. Just getting started is easily the hardest part.

Once we get started, we are rock stars; however, getting started is the hardest part.  This is especially true if we think the activity is unpleasurable.


3. Rationalization becomes your best friend.

Procrastinators are very gifted at rationalizing why they shouldn’t complete their task. “I’m tired and I can’t think straight. I should take a nap instead” or “I’m hungry and I can’t think on an empty stomach” are two of my favorites.

4. We will jump at the chance to do literally anything else.

The garbage needs taking out…I’ll do it.  The plants need watering…no problem.  Finish that report…I can’t, I have to cook dinner.  Household tasks that are usually the bane of our existence become a God send and folding your laundry seems exciting.

5. Taking frequent breaks from doing absolutely nothing becomes a common practice.

I personally get up and grab a snack or go mess with my cat.  Meanwhile, that curséd blinker mocks me…laughs at me for the lack of words on the page.  Ironically enough, I went through this and number 4 while writing this.


6. Being called lazy makes us see red.

We aren’t lazy.  Give us another task, and we’d be glad to do it.  It’s just this particular task that we don’t want to do.  OK… sometimes we are lazy, too.

7. We actually do better under pressure, so basically… we are diamonds.

Like diamonds, we shine better under the pressure of an upcoming deadline.  This pressure will force us to sit down and do the work.

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8. We are adrenaline junkies because our satisfaction at succeeding last minute is greater than our satisfaction as succeeding early.

When we finish our project just in time, we feel like we’ve accomplished something even greater, like superheroes…albeit sleep deprived ones.

9. As hard as we may try to not procrastinate, it always seems to happen that way anyway…

I have tried many times to achieve my goals earlier than the deadline, but if I truly do not want to do it, I will hold off until the last possible minute.  Every. Single. Time.

We feel guilty, but we probably won’t change.


Notice I said probably…

What are some other things that only procrastinators at ESU understand? Comment below and share this article with fellow procrastinating friends!
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