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10 Things to NOT do at CSUN Orientation

10 Things to NOT do at CSUN Orientation

10 Things to NOT do at CSUN Orientation

Hello, incoming Matador! I know why you are here–it’s summer and the only thing you can worry about is CSUN Orientation! It is totally natural. So, here is everything you should NOT do when the day finally comes. But, do not stress. All the rules are easy-peasy! Promise. Keep reading for 10 things to NOT do at CSUN Orientation! 

Note: New Student Orientations run from August 3rd to August 26th. Please see your advisor for more information about your specific date.


1. Do NOT forget your assigned date.

When you go to Advisement, your advisor should give you a postcard with specific  CSUN Orientation dates. Everyone is organized by department, so you get to mingle with people who have similar interests. 

If you cannot make your assigned date–tell your advisor. They will place you at an orientation that you can attend. Bonus: you still make tons of friends!


2. Do NOT come tired.

Get your sleep! Between you and me, my summer sleeping schedule is nothing to be proud of (it turns out that going to bed when the sun comes up is not such a good idea), but now is the time to beat the system! Take on the day with a full night of rest.



3. Do NOT be nervous.

The last thing you need is a huge bundle of nerves sitting in your gut, when you are supposed to be having fun. Remember to breathe and smile: you have four years ahead of you here at CSUN and this is just the beginning!

4. Do NOT wear uncomfortable shoes.

Now is not the time to try breaking in your new school shoes. You will be going on a campus tour and walking in heels will be killer. Do yourself a favor and just wear something comfortable. Your feet will thank you later.


5. Do NOT be negative.

Bring all the school spirit you can muster, and then some. If I learned anything at Orientation, it is that negativity will not be accepted. Trust me, once the day starts moving, it all becomes a whole bunch of fun. No need to even remember that you could be finishing your last Netflix binge of the summer….


6. Do NOT bring a lunch.

You might think you need a lunch. You do not. Trust me. They give you a free lunch catered from our on-campus Subway. Lots of options means lots to eat! Maybe pack a few snacks, but that’s about it….

7. Do NOT close yourself off.

This kinda goes along with being nervous…but on a grander scale. New experiences are scary and I totally get that. However, being a downer could ruin the day for everybody involved. Stand tall…and, maybe try a smile? 🙂

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8. Do NOT forget to bring water.

Orientation is pretty much an all-day thing, which is awesome. What is not so awesome? The fact that Southern California summers get waaay hot. Even in August, the heat is more than enough to dehydrate you. Pack a water bottle or two to keep your body happy.



9. Do NOT bring your parents.

It never fails to amaze me how many students invite their parents to come to orientation…but, it always happens. Always. Remember, this is the day to spread your wings and explore your new home. If they really want the orientation experience, they can find out about CSUN parent day!


10. Do NOT forget to take notes.

You are going to get tons and tons of info during your time at orientation! Since it is the last call for any burning questions before college starts, you will want to remember everything. I would definitely suggest bringing a (small) notebook to jot down last minute answers.

Ready Matador? I think so! Good luck and Godspeed!

What are some other things to NOT do at CSUN Orientation? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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