10 Things NOT Allowed In Plymouth State Dorms And What To Bring Instead

10 Things NOT Allowed In Plymouth State Dorms And What To Bring Instead

Heading to college will inevitably have its challenges and its stressful factors, but packing shouldn’t be one of them! Packing for the transition to living in Plymouth State dorms shouldn’t be something to stress over. Keep reading for 10 things that are not allowed in Plymouth State dorms … and what you can bring instead!

1. Extension Cords

Bring a power strip instead!


2. Tacks

They cause holes which causes you some damage fees, so leave them at home and bring some command strips instead.

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3. Coffee Maker

Only those with exposed heat surfaces are not allowed. Try a single cup coffee maker instead!


4. Candles

I know…we all want our rooms to smell good. But candles are a huge fire hazard, so bring some air fresheners to make your dorm room smell better!

5. Homemade Loft

If you want to make your bed higher up, try some bed risers instead! They are also a cheaper option as well!


6. Electric Blankets

Sadly, nothing can replace the warmth of your heated blanket on a cold, winter night up here in the mountains. I guess you’ll just need to bundle up with more blankets!

7. Air Conditioner

Using a small fan that clips by your bed saves space as well as saves you a fine!

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8. Halogen Lamps

Again, fire hazard. Using a small desk lamp will work!

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9. Pets

This is basically a no-no for most colleges, but you can have a small fish tank at PSU! Just remember to take care of it of course!


10. Pianos

… Just kidding. But glad you’re still reading! This is kind of silly and a no brainer, but I thought I’d add this in just to give you guys some laughs!

What other items are not allowed in Plymouth State dorms? What should students bring instead? Comment below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source: lbpa.com, plymouth.edu
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