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10 Things Not Allowed In MSS Dorm Rooms

10 Things Not Allowed In MSS Dorm Rooms

10 Things Not Allowed In MSS Dorm Rooms

Move in day can be stressful enough, with moving in, saying your goodbyes to starting a new chapter in our exciting lives. Surely, by now you have decided on your dorm ideas and how you want to make your room your own. Keep reading for a list of ten things not allowed in MSS dorm rooms!

1. Nothing can be bolted to the walls.

In all of the residence halls, nothing can be bolted to the walls. With that said, the command strips brand makes these awesome hanging strips. Also, it’s less clean up.

Okay seriously this is the most brilliantly amazing home decor tips I have ever seen! Gallery walls are totally not overwhelming anymore!



2. Candles and rope lights.

No candles, rope lights, tubular lights, Christmas or Holiday lights, and/or other fire hazards allowed inside the dorm room. I understand you find that cute Pinterest idea that had all your photos inside rope lighting and it just screamed you. Well, I hate to be the one to say it but, no light of any sorts are allowed inside the dorm rooms.

3. No animals.

Although you hate leaving your childhood pet at home, no animals are allowed inside the dorm room unless it is a fish with a tank littler than 20 gallons.


4. Only microwaves allowed.

Toasters, toaster ovens, hotplates, electric grills with exposed coils are not allowed to be used inside the dorm room. Although, you are allowed to use them in the kitchen within your residence hall.

5. Elevate beds?

Cinder blocks and/or other devices not allowed to elevate your beds. There is an easy alternative that also has built in electrical plugs.


6. Space heaters.

As it gets closer to winter, dorm rooms will get a little colder. Space heaters are not allowed inside the dorm due to fire hazards. In order to prepare for this, bring an extra blanket or even a heated blanket depending on how cold you get.

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7. Furniture.

Furniture that is already inside your specified room is not to be removed unless otherwise given permission to. Utilize everything in your room. You are paying for it so why not use it.

8. Guns and ammunition.

Absolutely no guns and ammunition allowed on campus at any times and this includes your dorm room. If you ever feel like you need some type of protection utilize the campus police. They are here for us students and in the end, you are paying for them.

9. Explosives.

Fireworks or flammable liquids, such as propane, gasoline, or kerosene are prohibited inside your dorm room. This is strictly for the safety of all the residents in the residence hall.


10. TV channels.

Antennae and satellite dishes are not to be used inside the dorm room. Try Netflix or even Hulu (I use mine all the time.) It’s worth the $10 a month for it.

That concludes the list of 10 things not allowed in the MSS dorm rooms. Did this article help you with move in day fast approaching? Comment below!
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