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10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy

10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Guy

“No regrets” is my motto – and a very popular one at that – but often we need some guidance to learn not to do things we regret. The worst feeling is seconds after sending a text, Snap, or saying something in person that you know was definitely risky. Here are some things you should NEVER say to a guy.

things to NEVER say to a guy

1. Tell me about your ex.

I know, I know, this one is hard because it’s human/girl nature to be so curious. Despite stalking his ex on social media profusely, we still want to hear all about the juicy details. Think of it this way: it puts guys in an uncomfortable position, because no matter what they say, it will make them look like a bad guy. If they say good things, you get jealous, and if they say bad things, they look like a bad guy. The whole situation is a lose-lose.


things to NEVER say to a guy!

2. What are your… dimensions.

This isn’t middle school; imagine if a guy asked for your bra size right now. It’s degrading to ask a guy how tall he is or how many inches he packs, because he will feel like he needs to measure up.

David Beckham looking great per usual


3. I tell my best friend everything (and I mean everything).

Although it is true, it’s okay to tell a white lie and swear to secrecy. He doesn’t need to know that your best friend is technically your co author to your texts, and the person who knows all the good and bad qualities about him. This causes trust issues and a competition between him and your best friend.

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4. My ex used to do that.

The issue is not comparing him to other guys; it’s comparing him to someone that for some reason was not good enough to continue a relationship with. This may slip out accidentally, but it will make him wonder if he’s doing other things that will soon make him become an ex.

things to NEVER say to a guy


5. Do I look fat?

Similar to number 1, this is a lose-lose question. He will either be honest – which may not be what you want to hear – or say you look great, and you will probably not believe him. It also puts the guy in a very uncomfortable situation.

funny Friends gif - things to NEVER say to a guy

6. You’re so cute.

When I first got into a relationship with my long-term boyfriend, I was shocked to hear him ask if “cute” was a good thing. I obviously meant it as a compliment, but he took it as a hit to his masculinity. This is another phrase you should never say to a guy, because it’s often synonymous with the friend zone, and not a good flirt tactic.


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7. I’m only friends with guys.

If you are only friends with guys, you’re a special kind of person. This is often a red flag to guys because he will feel threatened by your openness with guys.

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things you should NEVER say to a guy

8. I hate your friends.

As Justin Bieber puts it, “when you told me that you hated my friends, the only problem was with you and not them.” Justin speaks the truth. This will not make him have less boys nights; this will just start a fight.

things to NEVER say to a guy - funny Glee gif


9. Do you think that girl is pretty?

Guys immediately freeze up at this question because they will not want to offend you, and if you expect an honest answer, it’s rare you’ll get one.

things you should NEVER say to a guy

10. We need to talk.

This is the last and most important phrase you should never say to a guy, especially over text. “We need to talk” means that there is something bad to talk about, and you will be avoided at all costs. If you are a decent person, never send this to a girlfriend either.


things you should NEVER say to a guy


What are some other things you should NEVER say to a guy? Comment below!

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