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10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Girl

10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Girl

We all know the saying, “girls rule, boys drool,” which is very true, girls do rule! Girls are funny, smart, charismatic, fashionable, hard-working, and all around amazing. Girls are also fiercely protective of themselves and other girls, so if you say ANY of these 10 things to a girl, there’s a good chance you will regret it and/or fear for your life. Here are the top 10 things you should never say to a girl.

1. “You look so much prettier without make up on.”

I know I look amazing without make up on because I am a beautiful human being, but I like wearing make up. I don’t wear it for anyone but myself, and if I want to wear a lot, I will.

2. “Are you really eating that?”

What I eat is my business. Body shaming is one of the worst things any person can do to another person, and by implying that a girl shouldn’t eat something, you are saying more about yourself than her. Don’t do it. Let’s just end body shaming.


3. “Are you on your period?”

So what if I am? We can’t control when we get our period and it completely sucks when we get it. Cramps, headaches, mood swings, blood (LOTS of blood) – if you think we are on our period, we probably are, which means the last thing we need is a dumb reminder from you. Just assume that if it relates to periods, it’s something you should never say to a girl.


4. “Are you sure you want to wear that?”

Oh hell no. Yes, I’m sure, at least I was, but now I’m second guessing every fashion choice I’ve ever made. So thanks for that.


5. “You never said that.”

I promise you that I did and that I am very angry right now.

6. “Don’t swear, its unladylike.”

I don’t give a $H!+. F*** off with your archaic, misogynistic comments because I don’t live for you and ill be damned if I change my epic personality because you don’t think I’m “lady like.”

7. “You’re a slut/whore/hoe/ anything sexually derogatory.”

Let’s end this line of insults. Sexual double standards are beyond frustrating and I am SO done with “slut shaming.”

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8. “You wouldn’t understand.”




9. “Well, you’re a girl so…”

So what? Please finish that sentence. Tell me why being a girl is SOOOOOOO bad that it makes me not understand, or it automatically makes me bad driver, or it ultimately means I’m inferior to any man. Please explain this more to me. Oh wait, you can’t? Too bad, I was super looking forward to the BS that was going to spill out of your mouth.


10. “Get back in the kitchen/make me a sandwich.”

This is something you should absolutely never say to a girl. Ever. It’s not hard to make a sandwich and I’m sure you can manage walking over there yourself. But if you must say this, expect HELL. 1 – you can sleep on the couch. 2 -don’t expect me to make you food ever again. 3 – your sexist rhetoric bores me so bye bye baby.

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