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10 Things You Should NEVER Do During Your Girlfriend’s Period

10 Things You Should NEVER Do During Your Girlfriend’s Period


Ladies, we all know what it is like to suffer from all the awful things that come along with having a period. Weird cravings, constant bloat, heightened irritability – it’s that absolute worst. As much as we want our boyfriends to be there for us and care for us during that dreaded week of torture, they always seem to just get it wrong. For all those boyfriends out there who try hard but just can’t seem to get it right, this article is dedicated to you. Here are 10 things you should never do during your girlfriend’s period…

1. Do not “giver her some space.”

I’m going to be completely honest with you, we will probably get annoyed by something as simple as you sitting too close on the couch. But this does not mean that we want to be left alone. Sure, I need some space on the couch, but not all together. I need you to be here and console me through the pain and suffering. No boy’s nights for the next 4-7 days, we are in this together!



2. Do not tell her she looks “tired” (or anything similar).

This is the only time where honesty might not be the best policy. Trust me, we know that we do not look our best, but it’s temporary and right now we just need to hear how pretty we are, even though we know you’re lying.

3. Do not ask, “Is it really that bad?”

Yes, it is really that bad, and unless you have a uterus, you will never understand.

4. Do not pick a fight.

Do you really think this is the right time to argue about that insignificant incident from last week? The answer is no. We are already moody to begin with, so if you bring up something that you know will fuel the fire, be prepared for the consequences.


5. Do not come empty-handed.

It’s safe to say that if you are coming to take care of us and you don’t have some type of junk food in your hand, you might as well not come at all. Stop by the supermarket and pick up her favorite candy or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, you won’t be sorry.


6. Do not take what she says too seriously.

No, she does not actually think you’re a stupid boy who is never capable of doing anything right, it’s the hormones talking.

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7. Do not act grossed out.

Sure, the idea of blood coming out of our body is kind of gross, we know. But acting grossed out just makes us feel worse about ourselves and frankly, doesn’t make us feel too good about you either.

8. Do not ask for anything sexual.

This is different for depending on the girl, but just air on the side of caution and don’t bring up anything sexual during your girlfriend’s period. Let her come to you.


9. Do not mention PMS.

Yes, we are PMSing but don’t you dare bring it up…unless you are ready to face the wrath.

10. Do not try and offer advice related to anything about periods.

I do not care about what you heard about exercising alleviating period cramps, I refuse to do anything that does not involve laying in my bed, eating ice cream and watching Netflix all day.

Any other advice to offer boyfriends during their girlfriend’s period? Share in the comments!

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