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10 Things You Need If You’re Totally Obsessed With Netflix

10 Things You Need If You’re Totally Obsessed With Netflix

Who isn’t totally obsessed with Netflix? These days, Netflix no longer means waiting patiently for the mailman to drop off the DVD you ordered a week beforehand. Netflix is a true media phenomenon. With thousands of shows and movies streaming live to just about every piece of technology you own, it is hard to ignore. But if you are in the mood to “Netflix and Chill,” you better make sure you’re equipped with the right stuff. Keep reading to view the ten things you need if you’re totally obsessed with Netflix.

 1. A comfy tee.

We know that there are no bad days to watch Netflix. But what’s the best day of the week to go on a Netflix binge? Definitely Sundays. You are not only tired from a long week of work, but you need to lay in bed and relax with some shows after going out Friday and Saturday.

2. A cozy sweatshirt.

Nothing says comfortable quite like a big, cozy sweatshirt, a glass of wine (or a jar of Nutella) and a pair of your favorite yoga pants.



3. A t-shirt that shows your appreciation.

Rep’ your appreciation for everything Netflix has done for you up to this point in your life. 

4. Appropriate “Netflix and Chill” attire.

If you’re invited over to watch Netflix and chill, you better make sure you have the right apparel.


5. “Netflix and Chill” condoms.

One thing can lead to another if you go over to watch Netflix and chill, and you never know what could happen. It’s best to come prepared.

6. A sweatshirt that answers to people for you.

Your mom keeps knocking on your door asking why you have been in bed all day long on your computer. You just open the door and stare at her without saying a word because you’re wearing this sweatshirt which answers for you.



7. The proper fancy footwear.

You can’t get cold feet about watching Netflix all day. Just throw on a pair of these puppies and your toes will be as warm as ever.

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8. An excuse you can wear on your sleeve.

…Literally. If someone asks you to do anything that requires coming out from under your covers, you already have an answer lined up.

9. A cozy spot to curl up.

OK-so maybe you were able to come out of your covers but not ready to quit your Netflix binge. You venture to the opposite side of the room and curl up on your day bed instead. Now when someone asks you if you’ve left bed at all today you can answer truthfully, ‘yes’.


10. A tasty snack to eat while watching.

What’s better than some buttery popcorn while you watch your favorite flick?
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