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10 Things You NEED In Your Summer Wardrobe

10 Things You NEED In Your Summer Wardrobe

Flirty, bohemian, and a little bit western, this summer’s trends are to die for. Delicate yet comfortable, these next items are must-have’s for summer. Keep reading for 10 things you need in your summer wardrobe!


1. Patterned Patchwork Top

Bright colors and microprints are going to be huge this season. What better way to start the day off right than throwing this top on? Get this look here!


2. Romantic Slip Dress

There is nothing better than an outfit that can easily go from day-to-night. During the day, pair with skinny distressed denim, and at night, wear alone with a pair of strappy heels. Perfect flirty date outfit! Get this look here!

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3. Ruffle Dress

Comfy and stylish, this dress is super easy to throw on and create an effortless look. Get this look here!


4. Cold Shouldered Top

Another great way to be flirty without being too revealing. This top is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Get this look here!


5. Scalloped Bikini

Scalloped edges are a huge trend right now, and this bikini pays tribute to that trend while being super adorable. Pair it with a large sun hat, and anyone would look chic and stylish. Get this look here!


6. Western Belt

This accessory is a great statement piece to any outfit. Pair with a plain black tee, and you will be sure to catch someone’s eye. If you want to get super stylish, wear around your waist with a plain dress. Get this look here!


7. Lariat Choker

Chokers are back from the 90’s and here for Summer 2016. They are a great accessory to have in any wardrobe. It is subtle, yet trendy. We are way past tattoo chokers, it’s time to level up to this baby. Get this look here!



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8. Ghillie Sandal

These stylish sandals are a cute addition to any outfit to bring it to the next level. Keep the heel shorter for maximum comfort when going out. Get the look here!
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9. Shoulder Bag (with chain detailing)

Majorly inspired by the metal detailing on the newest Chloe bags, for those of us who cannot afford their steep prices, this is a great alternative. Get the look here!

10. Strappy Lace Bralette

Even another great addition to make an outfit fun and flirty. Have the straps of the bralette show with a V-neck shirt or sleeve-less top. Comfort and style is key here. Get the look here!



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