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10 Things You NEED to Know Before Coming to Kent

10 Things You NEED to Know Before Coming to Kent

Counting down the days until college move in day can be both exciting and nerve wracking. On one hand, you get to live on your own and meet new people, while taking big steps towards your future. On the other hand, moving away from the home you’ve known for years can be scary! For me, it seemed unreal that the day finally came where I would be leaving my parents and everything I knew behind to start a new life. I’ve never felt more at home at Kent, but it did take time to get used to it. Here are the top ten things you need to know before coming to Kent State and starting your college career!


1. Understand that it is okay to be nervous about moving from home.

Trust me, I would worry about it all the time! But after I got settled at Kent I realized that every freshman is in the same position I was. We’re all meeting new people and figuring out how this whole college thing works together.


2. Keep in mind that your parents are only a phone call away.

One thing is for sure, you never really learn to appreciate how much your parents do for you until you don’t live with them anymore. I missed them more than I thought I would, but I called them often and now we are closer than ever. Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. At the end of the day, your family will always be there.


3. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go out partying every weekend.

I’m not against partying whatsoever, but it’s a huge part of college. I was never into the whole party scene, but I ended up going to a few here and there. Another thing I was constantly reminded of: you control your life. If you don’t want to drink or feel uncomfortable in that atmosphere, then you don’t have to. Your time is yours in college, so spend it how you want to rather than how someone else wants you to.


4. It is important to always have an open mind.

I’ve found that having negative energy gets me nowhere, so I always try to look at the positive side of things, whether it be geared toward my schoolwork, meeting new people, or life in general.

5. Try not to be judgmental.

You will meet so many different kinds of people at Kent, some you will click with and others who you won’t. That’s okay. Remind yourself that everyone has a different story than yours, and college is a place to totally be yourself with no judgment.


6. Take your studies seriously.

I’ll tell you upfront, college is no walk in the park. The courses are harder and the homework piles up. I don’t want to scare you with this, but I want you to be prepared. Trust me, that feeling of studying and putting the effort in pays off, and it will keep you motivated throughout the semester.

7. Attend all the events during welcome weekend.

I still remember welcome weekend to this day, because it’s when I met my best friends. That weekend the whole college vibe truly set in with me. I met so many people and got to see what college parties and Kent downtown was really like.

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8. Try and stay as active as possible.

There are so many clubs at Kent and opportunities to meet people and put yourself out there while doing something you love. This is also good for networking and building relationships that will help you in your career.




9. You can always go to the rec to stay healthy and happy.

Kent has a beautiful rec where I would work out every singly day if I could. Whether it be cardio or lifting, exercise is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, and clear your head for a nice study break. You time is something you will take for granted once college starts, so remember to put time aside to relax.

10. And finally… always keep in mind how important it is to have fun!

Kent is an amazing school with an amazing atmosphere. It’s one of the nicest campuses that truly gives off a homey vibe. College are the best years of your life, so go into it with a positive attitude. Take your education seriously, but don’t forget to make golden memories along the way.

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