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10 Things You Need To Know For College

Here are 10 things you’ve thankfully (and hopefully) already learned because these are 10 things you’re definitely going to need to know for college.

1. How to get along with your family.

You have been trapped under the same roof as your parents, brothers and sisters for your whole life. The constant clashing, yelling, and hair pulling is finally over. You’re free. But recall those times where you’ve made up with your family, the times where you’ve laughed your ass off and had unforgettable moments with them. It’s more important now more than ever to make sure you stay in touch with them and let them know how much you love them. After high school, it’s estimated that we will have spent 93% of all the time we will ever spend with our parents. When you come back home from that break, make sure to remember how to get along with your family and make the best of the last 7% as you can.

2. How to keep/make friends.

You’ve just been released from the most cliquey, drama-filled building you will ever step into. You have seen the worst of humanity, sifted through it, and found some genuinely cool and awesome people. Friendships have fell through and unexpected ones have grown over these last 4 years. College is far more diverse and accepting, so using your friend-finding skills should be a breeze. Remember that one horrifying moment in high school when you went out on a limb to ask that random person to hang out? Muster up that courage again, and go find some lifetime homies at your college!


3. How to date.

Oh, how we’ll miss those awkward high school dates. Not. Through several nervous and uncomfortable encounters, we have learned what not to order at dinner, how to ask the right questions, the right time to make a move, and plenty of “basics” you should definitely need to know for college. In a much more casual, less angsty environment at college, keep the past successes and failures in mind to have more fun and less stress when exploring a relationship! If you’re interested in someone, ask for that number or date and don’t look back! You’ve got this!

4. How to eat well.

The “Freshman 15” is looming over you in the shape of a giant, evil muffin of regret. Luckily, high school has allowed us to explore a variety of lunch lines and find the choice that will make us feel the least crappy. Whether you learned through mom’s cooking or a new diet plan, most of us have the ability to eat healthy. So after you’re done scarfing down late night ramen/red bull dinners for the first few weeks, tap into that one-time-you-got-in-shape-in-high-school-you and unleash the health beast!


5. What your hobbies/interests are.

Through the plethora of clubs, sports, and classes that we have gotten to choose from in high school, we’ve figured out what gets our blood pumping and our creative juices flowing – which is definitely something you need to know for college. But believe it or not, there are even MORE opportunities in college! Keep chasing the passions you’ve found these last few years by joining new groups and signing up for classes whose subjects intrigued you in high school. At the same time, keep your mind open and be willing to try something that is out of your realm but sparks your interest.

6. How to handle money.

The hours put in and money made working at that ice cream shop…only to be blown on clothes and mall food court grub…made for a lesson to be learned. Budgeting was the skill acquired to save up for that car or present for that girlfriend/boyfriend. In a few months, you will be practically broke. Apply your slight monetary knowledge, use those food passes wisely, and spend only when it’s actually worth it.

7. How to get dressed…appropriately.

I hope so much, for all your sakes, that you know how to put clothes on your body properly, and that you learned it before high school (because you it’s something you 100% need to know for college). But it’s the types of clothing we’ve walked around in from freshman to senior year that have changed dramatically. Most of us wouldn’t dare look back to the horrid pictures of freshman year, where we sported our favorite unmatched outfit 3-5 times a week. We’ve experimented and changed personas numerous times, some of those former selves complete strangers to us now. When you pack for move-in day in a few months, leave the neon crop tops and baggy Eminem t-shirts behind, and bring a style that will make you feel clean and confident walking around campus this upcoming semester.

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8. How to exercise.

Whether you are a gaming warrior or D1 athlete, exercise is important. We’ve learned through rigorous sport workouts (or that bi-weekly trip to the gym) what our exercise preferences our, what’s fun, and what works for us. Again, that “Freshman 15” is going to be creeping up on you and your opportunity to be fit or flabby will be staring you in the face. Use what you’ve learned in your high school years to get down a solid exercise plan to work into your schedule this first college semester.


9. How to study.

Throughout high school, you have most likely failed numerous times from trying to cram all your studying in 10 minutes before your test. However, 4 years taught you to learn how to budget time and find the balance between burning out through over-studying and looking at that test as if you’ve just seen something extraterrestrial. Creating that sweet spot of study time is all too imperative in college, where 2 or 3 tests will decide whether you pass or fail a class. Skip the notorious all-nighters and hit the library consistently after classes so that you don’t fall asleep or, conversely, have a heart attack when it comes test time.

10. The value of time.

Finally, if high school has taught us anything, it is that time is fleeting. It goes tremendously quick. This is one of the most important things you need to know for college. As we stood amongst our peers at graduation, we all remembered the first, anxiety-filled steps into school freshman year, and asked ourselves where the time went (despite the fact that we transformed into completely different people since then). We must acknowledge this realization and live fully every day as we navigate the new experience of being a college student. Take that shot, make the best of the opportunity handed to you, and attack those risks. This is a new phase of life, and the most important thing to remember is to stop and enjoy the ride, because it’s fast as hell.  Cheers all.

Can you think of anything else you need to know for college? Share in the comments!

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