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10 Things You’ll Miss About Conn Over the Summer

When the last few weeks of the semester start coming to a close, all anyone can do is think about getting out of Conn and getting out quick! But when you do leave for the summer and you’re sitting at home relaxing, tanning out in the sun, or even reading a book at the beach, you may find yourself thinking that there are a few things you actually do miss about Conn. Keep reading for 10 things about Conn that you will end up missing while on summer vacation!

1. Your dorm room…

Let’s face it! We may or may not have hated our dorm’s location, but we loved our rooms—and with the amount of time and effort that we put into them, we should! We make our dorm rooms so comfortable and homey-as if it’s hard not to miss being in our beds with our 5” thick mattress toppers, the massive amount of pictures on our walls, and all the memories we made there.

2. Cro/Oasis

Over the summer you will find yourself missing the long nights spent at Cro after dances or late team practices, all the times Oasis came through for you when you wanted a late night snack and nothing else was open, and exchanging jokes with all your favorite Cro employees.

3. Being able to go to the gym for FREE.

The end of the semester means the end of the free gym facilities provided at Conn. When searching for a gym membership and looking at the prices of the monthly payments, you will really miss the ability to go to the gym for free.


4. Your senior friends who recently graduated.

There are potentially two reasons why you will miss the graduating seniors:

1. Some of the seniors you knew were actually really cool and great friends.

2. Watching another class of seniors leave means you’re getting older… and closer to taking their place.

5. The Honor Code

Outside of Conn there is no such thing as an Honor Code. You can’t leave your valuables around in public and think that you will find them when you come back. Conn’s honor code gives us the freedom to do these things—over the summer it’s every man for himself and you will miss the virtuous honor code that Conn and its camels stand on.

6. The classes you took.

Even though your classes were probably your main source of stress while at Conn, you will find yourself missing classes from the past school year, knowing your schedule is only going to get harder in the upcoming semesters.

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7. Your professors.

Although you may blame your professors for making your semesters at Conn a bit stressful, given a few weeks to de-stress, you might actually find yourself wanting to thank them for sharing their knowledge and challenging you.

8. Having all your friends in the same location as you.

Just like at any college, our friends and classmates come from all over the world. At Conn, you have easy access to your friends—no travelling involved and not a lot of effort put in to see them. Over the summer, you will miss that ease when suddenly your friends aren’t a maximum ten-minute walk away.

9. Conn’s beautiful campus.

As the end of the semester draws nearer, it finally starts to get really nice out. After a dark winter that lasts for almost half the school year, we finally get a chance to remember how beautiful Conn actually is. However, the ending of the semester means finals and crunch time! Over the summer—even though you may be somewhere nicer than Conn—you will find yourself missing the small glimpse you got of Conn’s beauty.

10. The great sense of comradery on campus.

From Cro dances and Floralia to long nights spent in the library, there is a great sense of comradery at Connecticut College. Whether or not we know everyone personally, we’re all sharing our feelings, experiences, and memories. You can’t be sure you’re going to find a sense of community like that everywhere you go. Wherever your summer takes you, when fall rolls around you’ll be eager to get back to the guaranteed sense of belonging at Conn.
Anything we missed? Leave a comment and tell us some of the things about Conn you know you’ll be missing over the summer and share this article with a friend!
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