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10 Things I Learned As A Fredonia State Freshman

10 Things I Learned As A Fredonia State Freshman


Freshman year is both exciting and intimidating. I am so happy that I decided to choose Fredonia State to embrace the milestone of my college career. These are the ten tips I think will ensure a great first year for any Fredonia State freshman. So, keep reading!

1. Find your favorite study spots.

Fredonia State has a great library because of its quiet study floors, printing access, cubicles, and tutoring center to name a few features. However, like most college libraries, it tends to get loud and overcrowded at times. It’s a good idea to find multiple spots on or off-campus where you feel comfortable studying and can focus well. This way you won’t get tired of always studying at the same spot.

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2. Keep yourself active.

Everyone wants to avoid the dreaded freshman 15.  Getting active and staying in shape at Fredonia State doesn’t have to entail sweating for hours on end at the gym or playing on a sports team. There are lots of fun and enjoyable ways to stay active! You can take workout classes at the Aerobics Center (my favorite workout class is Zumba), or you can sign up for a club sport. The great thing about club sports is that no one gets cut from them, so there’s no pressure! You can also take a run on the path that wraps around campus or register for a physical education class. You’ll feel better about yourself and have a good excuse to occasionally pig out on a hot dog and fries.

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3. Try new things.

Even though classes and academics come first, college isn’t only about studying. It’s also about trying new things, meeting new people, and stepping out of your comfort zone. At the end of the day, you’ll want to have more than just good grades and making the Dean’s List to remember college by. There are many fun things to do at Fredonia State that make for great memories, such as sports games, clubs, concerts, and campus events. Relay for Life, Pink the Rink, the stroke walk, and the pep rally are annual events on campus that you won’t want to miss.


4. Commit to a few groups/clubs.

Fredonia State students will sign up for any club that interests them at the club expo. With over 170 student organizations, it can be hard to pick just a few groups to focus on and get involved in. Instead of only attending an occasional meeting for 5 groups, pick the 2 or 3 groups that you like the most and commit to them. By doing this you’ll be able to earn your active membership and see everything that your favorite groups have to offer.

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5. Weekend brunch rush is like the Hunger Games.

Getting breakfast/lunch on the weekends at Fredonia State is basically like The Hunger Games (no pun intended). You can order a fresh omelet or waffle at Cranston, which lures every person in Fredonia there on the weekends. If people aren’t in the mood for Cranston, they’ll go to Tim Horton’s for coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Since omelets, waffles, and sandwiches are go-to’s after a night out, the lines for them are out the door by noon. If you don’t get in line for food early enough, then “may the odds be ever in your favor.”



6. You should make friends with the people in your major.

Since Fredonia State is such a small school, you’re bound to run into at least one person in your major wherever you go. You’ll have to take the same classes as the people in your major, so the same people will be in all of your classes. It’s nice to be friends with these people because that way you’ll have friends in your classes that you can both study and go out with!

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7. Use the tunnel.

The tunnel can be a little hard to find if you’re new to Fredonia State, but it’s a hidden gift sent from the heavens. It’s connected to Daniel A. Reed Library and is a direct route to and from Houghton, Fenton, Thompson Hall and the Science Center. The tunnel is one of Fredonia State’s best features because instead of having to walk all the way around the library to get to class, you can just walk through the tunnel and shorten your walk. An added bonus of the tunnel is that it protects people from the rain and from Fredonia State’s harsh winters.

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8. Go to the RA’s programs.

Programs put on by the RA’s are a big deal at Fredonia State. They are a great way to meet other people living in your dorm and can give you a chance to get to know your RA’s better. Not only can programs help you meet new people and make new friends, they also give you a way to be social without having to get dressed up or leave the comfort of your dorm.

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9. Expect to smell dog food.

Every college is known for having certain features. Some colleges are known for having heavy wind, steep hills, and good food, and others are known for having cold temperatures, for being in a small town, and for smelling like dog food. At Fredonia State, people don’t get caught off guard when they smell fresh dog food in the air while walking to class. Luckily the smell does not arise too often on campus, and when it does, it means that pet food is being made so dogs will be able to eat.

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10. Take advantage of wireless printing.

Many times you’ll need to run to the library before class to print out a paper or a PowerPoint presentation. Knowing your luck, all of the computers will be taken. If there is a computer available, it will take forever to log on. Luckily at Fredonia State, you can print right from your laptop. All you have to do is search for wireless printing on Fredonia State’s website, and then log in and upload what you want to print (in pdf form). It’s that easy!


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Do you have any tips for a Fredonia State freshman? If so, feel free to comment below. If these tips helped you, don’t forget to share!
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