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10 Things I’ll Miss About Virginia Tech Over The Summer

10 Things I’ll Miss About Virginia Tech Over The Summer

We have Virginia Tech pride all year long, so when summer break comes around, we certainly miss our school. Here are 10 things I’ll miss about Virginia Tech this summer.

1. West End/D2 Sunday Brunch

Food is always the answer. Nothing is better after a late night than a huge breakfast. I live for Sunday Brunch because it only happens once a week. Even some of my friends who live off campus come back to campus just to get it.

2. My Roommate

Whether you love them or hate them, you’ll never forget them. Luckily for me, I had a great first roommate, and we are living together next year. You and your roomie got through freshman year together, so you’ll always have that bond. You’ll miss the little things, like having someone to talk to about guys, working out together, or helping each other get through finals week.


3. Jumping To Enter Sandman In Lane

This is my all time favorite thing about Virginia Tech. When I got to Tech, I had never been to a college football game before (embarrassing, I know). People always told me how exciting it was to be in Lane right before games and that it was nothing like going to any other football game, but I was definitely not expecting it to be so amazing. I truly feel bad for you if you’re not a Hokie, because you need to experience it at least once in your life.

4. Walking To Benny’s Late Night

Pizza is bae. I lived close to downtown and Benny’s, so when it was too late to go to DX or me and my crazy friends wanted somewhere to go, we always ended up at Benny’s. Even if the line was out the door, it was so worth it to see all the drunk people looking for grub (and getting that selfie with your pizza, of course).

5. The Pylons

Brotherhood. Honor. Leadership. Sacrifice. Service. Loyalty. Duty. Ut Prosim. The Pylons serve as a constant reminder of what we should all strive to be. It’s also a great place to take a break and people watch.


6. Turner

Qdoba, Jamba, sushi – the choices are endless. As a freshman, I had no idea that Turner existed. I heard about it but did not really know where it was. I went there a couple times during the first semester, but I really started to take advantage of it during the second. It is the best feeling when you make it through the crepe or Jamba line in under five minutes, because you got there at just the right time (not to mention almost everything there is delicious). It’s a nice change when you live on campus and are constantly eating Owens or West End.

7. The Duck Pond

I’m not really sure if anyone else loves the Duck Pond as much as I do, but I love the ducks and the running path. Sometimes a run to the Duck Pond makes my day a million times better, because I can clear my head and remember why I love it here so much.

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8. The Drillfield

This is probably why I fell in love with Virginia Tech. I’m from Roanoke, which is only about 45 minutes away, and I didn’t even want to consider coming here because of how close it is. I ended up staying with a friend one weekend, and she took me to the Drillfield. Something hit me and my whole attitude changed. I submitted the application the night before it was due, and here I am. Try to imagine going to a school without a Drillfield and you won’t be able to. Where do people hangout and lay in hammocks? Where do sororities and frats talk about their philanthropies? No other school can have a Civilians vs. Cadets snowball fight, because they don’t have a Drillfield like we do.

9. The April 16th Memorial

We remember April 16th. We are all Hokies. What happened is part of Virginia Tech’s history, but it does not solely define us. In the weeks and days after it happened, the Hokie Nation truly came together and showed its strength and support. Michelle Obama couldn’t have said it better with her commencement speech. She spoke, “when you all are out there in the world and you meet someone and you tell them that you’re from Virginia Tech, and they say, ‘Huh, isn’t that the school where’ – I want you to interrupt them right there and say, ‘Yes, it is the school where we have some of the best academic programs and professors in the country… it is the school where students are passionate about serving their country and supporting each other… it’s the school where we produce graduates who are leaders in their industries, and pillars of their communities, and who carry their Hokie pride with them every day for the rest of their lives.’ You say, ‘Yes, that is the school I attend. That is Virginia Tech.'”

10. Some Of The Best People On Earth

Most importantly, I’m going to miss the people at Virginia Tech. College is definitely not what I was expecting, but I am so thankful for the people I’ve met and the experiences and memories that came with that.


What will you miss about Virginia Tech this summer? Comment below!

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