10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Studying at Gorgas


There are many other things we’d rather be doing than studying at Gorgas. Here are 10!


1. Walk all the way to Chick-fil-A on a Sunday.

We all do it. We crave those golden nuggets every Sunday. Any other day during the week I have no urge to get a nice hand spun milkshake but it seems to be all I can think about on a Sunday morning. I’ve actually made the mistake of trekking all the way to the Ferg on a Sunday. You can only imagine my disappointment when I arrived…


2. Walk through every possible school tour.

We have all been there, that big group of people following The Capstone men and women around campus. These groups of prospective students and their parents love to hog the whole sidewalk and walk at a leisurely pace. Primarily when we are all in a rush to get to class. It doesn’t work if we go around them or walk a different way, there always seems to be a tour on every corner.

3. Go to class during a tornado watch.

Alabama as a whole is infamous for its tornadoes, but I live in Maryland and personally have never experienced one. As fall had come and gone, we all returned for our spring semester aka tornado season. It seemed as though every week since we’ve returned we receive an email saying “class isn’t cancelled, be safe and here are the nearest shelters.” Nothing is worse than the fear of walking across campus and being swept away by a tornado.

4. Look for a table at the library.

The University of Alabama is equipped with multiple libraries spaced throughout campus. Gorgas is the biggest and most popular. Professors definitely have some unspoken rule with each other that they schedule tests on the same week. That only leads us to spend endless hours in the library. We’ve all been there, when we walk into the library and just stand around with a lost face looking at the tables and weighing out our options.


5. Go through dead/finals week without caffeine.

College forces you to become addicted to all types of caffeine. We thrive off of it, whether it’s for our dreaded 8 a.m. on a Monday or Thursday at 3 p.m. For some people (like myself) though, they live off coffee and go crazy without it. I would really hate to encounter myself during dead and finals week when I don’t have coffee giving me life….scary.


6. Stand in line at Starbucks during lunch time.

As we are home to the nations largest Starbucks (not to brag or anything). The least UA could do was have a more efficient line system. At lunch time during the week the line seems to be out the door whether it’s filled with current or prospective students. If you’re anything like me, you take multiple trips to Starbucks each day and dread waiting in the noon line.

7. Get bitten by a squad squirrel.

I live next to the woods so a squirrel running away from me was very common until I came to Alabama and encountered a quad squirrel. These squirrels are unlike any kind; fearless and enjoyed by everyone (or so I think). It’s a normal occurrence to see a squirrel fly from out of a tree and hit someone. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a squirrel really did bite someone…nuts.

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8. Get tackled by Derrick Henry.

He is our beloved Heisman Trophy Winner and Nick Saban’s unofficial third born child. While attending school this past year all anyone could ever talk about was Derrick Henry. So we all know his stats like they are our own. He stands at a whopping six-foot-three and weighs in at 242 pounds. Just imagine him running full speed at you when you aren’t equipped with football padding. The thought is both enticing and alarming.



9. Have 348-Ride Hit Me

“Honestly just hit me at this point” is something we all hear everyday from everyone that attends Alabama. The drivers of all the busses are fearless and take no mercy when driving around campus. Witnessing a student almost get taken out by a bus is a pretty normal thing. We all take a risk when stepping onto a bus or cutting in front of one. Really what are brakes? Every student knows that if the university bus hits them then they get free tuition. So, who really wins in the end here?

10. Lose To Auburn

Are they eagles or tigers? There’s no correlation, but what would we expect from Auburn. They are our biggest rival in every sports possible. We are the best in the SEC, no offense. We can lose to every other team but what matters most is that we beat Auburn. The only people who keep track of us loosing to Auburn, is Auburn. Now that I think about it maybe I should reevaluate this number because would we really want to lose to Auburn? The answer is simple, no. So I think I’ll actually go study in Gorgas now.

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